new laptop advice under £1000

  andy1990 10:21 25 May 2017

Hi guys I'm after abit of advice, I'm looking to buy a new laptop for college and work, I'm a ships engineer doing a foundation degree so I need a laptop for uni work including assignments and web browsing. I'll also need it whilst at sea to watch films etc. Due to the nature of my job I travel a lot so the laptop needs to be slim light and portable. I wont be doing to many demanding applications for the laptop but would like it to be as fast as possible and with a good battery life as my current sony vaio laptop only lasts 2 hours before needing a recharge.Ive been researching the dell xps13 9360 with 8gb ram and 256ssd hard drive this seems to be a front runner whats everyones opinions compared to a MacBook air or pro or any other alternatives. As mentioned I'm after good battery life less weight and able to browse internet, watch films and do college assignments. many thanks Andy

  Archonar 11:29 25 May 2017

The dell xps 13 is widely rated as the best 13inch ultrabook on the market so it's a good choice. You can get ones cheaper if you don't need the full power of the xps, what kinds of applications are you looking to run, anything other than word, excel etc..? The general consesus seems to be that mac has stumbled this year compared to the dell, and for what you need you would be paying too much if you get a mac.

Here is a very good list of the options rated by techradar: click here

  andy1990 12:07 25 May 2017

hi, thanks for the reply. Ill be primarily running the microsft office package and having multiple tabs open whilst browsing and researching, ill also be using Netflix or streaming sports online. The only bad thing ive read about the xps 9360 is the coil whine which a few users have had problems with. The spec ill probably go for is 8gb ram with 256ssd using i5 7th gen processor, do you think tbhis will be adequate for my needs. cheers andy

  Archonar 13:09 25 May 2017

To be honest I think that could be above what you need. You could use one of the more affordable options on the list that I linked and it would be able to handle what you need well. Just a thought in case you want to save a bit of money.

As for coil whine - most users don't experience it, I know it seems like the forums are full of people saying they have the issue and none saying they don't have the issue, but who would look for a forum about coil whine if they aren't hearing it? If you do experience it, you will be able to return it and order another.

  andy1990 14:24 25 May 2017

thanks for tsking the time to reply, I forgot to mention ill be purchasing a dslr camera soon and ill need my computer and software for that I'm guessing this is still in the xps capabilities I'm ony a hobby photographer so wont be doing any demanding photoshops etc

  Archonar 18:16 25 May 2017

The xps should handle that without a hitch

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