New Laptop 64 bit emails

  pissouri 10:08 16 May 2010

I have recently bought a laptop 64 bit and have difficulty obtain incoming emails which show up on my desk computer but not on the laptop. Any ideas please. I use btinternet.

  Forum Editor 10:18 16 May 2010

which appear on your desktop machine don't show on your new laptop?

This will be because your mail account is configured to delete messages from the server, once they've been downloaded. You can't receive the same emails on both machines unless you tell the email software on both of them to leave messages on the server.

If you do that you'll get all email on both machines, but there's a drawback - if you receive email regularly, and in any quantity you'll find that your mailbox will rapidly reach its maximum capacity, and no more email will be accepted - mail that's sent to you will bounce.

  pissouri 10:40 16 May 2010

Thanks for the answer but how do I configure my laptop to receive the emails.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:07 16 May 2010

What operating system? Windows 7?

click here

  pissouri 11:13 16 May 2010

Yes the system is Wndows 7. Any help would be very helpful on receiving incoming emails. Having said that I noticed a little earlier one email had come through but others do not show on the laptop. Is the problem to do with the 64 bit or Win 7 ?

Thanks again

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:22 16 May 2010

As FE has already stated you can only get the emails ONCE they will be downloaded from the server to which ever machine logs on first.

  pissouri 11:33 16 May 2010

Thanks Fruit Bat. Does this mean then that the computer is configured correctly and that Win 7 or 64 bit is not the problem.?

  Sea Urchin 11:39 16 May 2010

I assume you are using Windows Live Mail - go to Tools - Accounts - highlight your mail account and click Properties. Select Advanced tab and tick the box beside "Leave a copy of messages on server" - click Apply and OK.

Do this on the desktop and laptop - but be aware of the Forum Editor's comment above that you may eventually run out of space if you don't delete messages from the server regularly.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:44 16 May 2010

"Does this mean then that the computer is configured correctly and that Win 7 or 64 bit is not the problem.?"

Yes if you can recieve some emails on one machine and the others on another machine to test you cn get ALL emails on both machines do as Sea urchin suggests.

  Forum Editor 12:06 16 May 2010

and neither is the fact that you're running the 64bit version.

The problem is a conceptual one - you need to understand what's going on as far as the server is concerned. Your email will be downloaded to the first machine that connects to the mailserver, and if that's your laptop, then that's where you'll see the mail - it will not be downloaded to the desktop machine, and vice versa.

In your email client (Outlook, Windows mail, Eudora, etc.) there will be a configuration setting to 'leave a copy of mail on the server'. If you switch that on as far as both machines are concerned then both machines will get the mail, but you will have to regularly empty the mailbox manually. Usually the easiest way to do that is via your webmail access.

To be honest it can become an irritating chore, and unless you have some specific reason for wanting your email to be duplicated across both machines I recommend that you leave the default setting in place. That will mean that you'll get some of your mail on one machine, and some on another. The trick is not to leave both computers running at the same time with the email client open.

  David4637 14:25 16 May 2010

You can leave the emails on the server for a specific number of days. I set it for 5 days (OE6 XP). By then I will have used both PCs. David

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