New Laptop

  Gary-1434566 08:35 17 Mar 2010


I have just acquired a new laptop. Nothing special but within my budget range so pretty happy. Anyway as it is from a general wholesale store there are not many programs on there such as security etc...

I would be grateful if you could suggest what programs I should definitely install to ensure my laptop stays safe, but also any other programs that are highly recommended.

Also anything that is relatively cheap or ideally free would be great as I'm pretty skint at the moment!

Thanks for your help!

  ella33 09:35 17 Mar 2010

I have been very happy with Norton 2010, for computer protection, which can be purchased from amazon at about £17 and is licenced for three computers, so you could buy with a friend.(choose free delivery option) You do need to spend time learning to use computer security, set time aside for it, but it does protect your computer and it works more quickly when free from viruses.
There are other security programmes which are just as good but whichever you choose, a purchased security is definitely more reliable, unless you know how to remove viruses, some people do this manually.

I use Word 7 which I find reliable, good options on toolbar, and easy to attach to email. Most recipients can use it. Adobe with free downloads is reliable. Yahoo mail/messenger seems pretty good and has a virus check too. I cannot advise about games but well known brands are usually safer. Apologies if this is not the kind of advice you were looking for!

  Gary-1434566 09:41 17 Mar 2010

Ella that's great, cheers!! I haven't got a clue as I've not had a personal laptop for a while just a company one...thank you for your help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:02 17 Mar 2010

If you want to pay for security year after year then Norton is fine, however you can get good security software free.

What you need really depends on the operating system.

You need a Firewall (VISTA W7 built in is good enough)

An antivirus program
An antimalware program

I use AVAST, Malwarebytes and superantispyware and spywareBlaster
The choice is yours but there are rogue programs out there.

Microsoft Security Essentials click here will do it all in one package for you free and is approved by quite a few members of this site.

Open office click here is a free Word processor - spread sheet - presentation software etc.

Tell us what other things you want to do with your machine and we will recommend good free software.

  Gary-1434566 08:20 18 Mar 2010

Hey, so you think if I use

AVAST, Malwarebytes and superantispyware and spywareBlaster + Microsoft Security Essentials I should be ok?

I will using the laptop mainly for music downloads, football/sports streaming, and general internet surfing.

Thanks again!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:26 18 Mar 2010

No you cannot use more than one anti-virus so AVAST and MSE together is no good as they will interfere with each other.

I suggest you use MSE(real time monitoring of antivirus and antispyware and SpywareBlaster (as a blocker).

  Gary-1434566 09:42 18 Mar 2010

That's great Fruit Bat, I'll get them both installed this evening. Than you for your help.


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