New laptop 2gb or 3gb or RAM

  Sprawlsy 01:34 03 Aug 2008


I'm getting a laptop to replace my old desktop & I think I have pretty much settled for one from the Sony NR range (unless anyone strongly recommends a Dell - would be Studio 15 as don't like the all silver keyboad etc of the Inspiron & heard the fan is v.noisey). However, I'm not entirely sure how much RAM to go for. It'll only be used for surfing the net, word, excel, music and pictures, so basic stuff really. Within the NR range you can get similarly specced models (200gb harddrive, 1.8ghz processor) with either 2gb of RAM for £499 with a free bag (and available @ Sony Centre) or 3gb for £599 from Sony Style online. Is the extra 1gb necessary & is it worth an extra £100??

Obvioulsy I'll want the laptop to last as long as possible so is it worth going for the more expensive option? I'll not be using it for gaming (well might get Football Manager again one day).



  mrwoowoo 01:48 03 Aug 2008

Is the extra 1GB worth £100?
In my opinion,no.
If that's all you want to do with it then, 2GB will be fine.
Also,if in the future you do need to upgrade the ram,you could upgrade for less than £100 anyway.
No,i think 2BG will do you for quite a long time,taking into account it's usage.

  wee eddie 19:22 03 Aug 2008

mrwoowoo has said it all.

  MarvintheAndroid 21:39 03 Aug 2008

Check to see if the new laptop you intend to buy has a spare memory slot so you can add more memory later. Often this is a little flap in the underside which can be accessed by removing a screw.

If so, you can put off adding more memory until a) you need it and b) get it much cheaper than £100.

I agree that on current estimates 2GB is plenty - but I am loathe to say "never".


  Sprawlsy 12:47 04 Aug 2008

Cheers guys.

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