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  uneekaj 18:59 17 Dec 2004

Im am currently a student and would like to buy a new laptop. I plan to spend about £850. I would like the laptop to be able to burn dvds as well as playing a few games such as football manager and the sims 2. Does anybody have any suggestions or help that they could give me.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:41 17 Dec 2004

Morgan Computers have some good deals on factory reworked machines.

click here

  TomJerry 19:47 17 Dec 2004

I will dig a few for you later

  TomJerry 20:03 17 Dec 2004

just a example

£812 ACER 1522WLMi Athlon 64 3000 60GB 512MB DVD-RW Dual 15.4TFT XP Home LX.A4105.020, NVIDIA® GeForce™ FX Go5700 with 64 MB of external DDR video RAM, supporting both 8X AGP and Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0b good graphics car for game eeven half life click here

£817 ACER TM 2702WLMi P4 3.0GHz 40GB 512MB (2X256) DVD-RW 15.4TFT XP Pro LX.T6006.141, ok but not great for game click here

excellent one with great ATI 9700 graphics card ACER TM 4501LMi M 715 1.5Ghz 60GB 512MB(2x256) DVD-RW 15.0 TFT 802.11g XP Pro LX.T5006.095 £818.98 click here

£853 exactly at your price, excellent Intel Centrio CPU, excellentATI 9700 graphics card, light (2.9KG) ACER 1682WLMi PM 725 1.6Ghz 60GB 512MB DVD RW Dual 15.0TFT XGA XP Home LX.A2705.226 click here

The last one is the best, do not think you can get any better than this

  uneekaj 21:17 17 Dec 2004

Thanks for the help, i am considering purchasing the Acer laptop for £853. Just wondering does anyone know which one is better out of this and the Acer one. click here

  TomJerry 10:39 18 Dec 2004

Acer one: more portable, light (2.7kg) longer battery life (Intel Centrnio? processor)

Tiny one: it is a desktop replacement, 3.6kg, battery time will be shorter, but slightly faster and Graphics card has more memory (128Mb, Acer has 64MB)

Tiny is a big box shifter in he UK, do not know who make laptop for it.

ACER is THE bigest laptop maker in the world, it makes laptop for many other famous brand such as Toshiba

Maybe you could check out the cost to extend warrenty to three years assuming you still have 3 years in your course

  TomJerry 16:02 18 Dec 2004

click here;jsessionid=1541c41e5458381/shopdata/index.shopscript

click here

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