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  Novice-2 22:09 19 Apr 2004

If you are buying a new keyboard or PC, perhaps I can help you before you find out for yourself.

I have found that the new-style keyboards with black keys and white lettering on them are much more difficult to see than light keys with black lettering - especially in less than bright light.

I think it is a well-known optical illusion that black appears bigger on a light background than the other way round - something the designers must have forgotten.

I've just bought a new Compaq Presario but, after a few days of using this appently smart and stylish new keyboard, I was very glad to replace with the one off my old PC. I mostly use the PC with only my desklamp on and I could hardly see the lettering on the black keys. I would never buy another black keyboard!

  Diodorus Siculus 23:19 19 Apr 2004

Public information broadcast? :-}

Anyway, I would suggest an ergonomic (shaped) keyboard; as someone whose daily life involves research and typing, I have found the MS ergonomic keyboard a God-send.

  Sir Radfordin 08:39 20 Apr 2004

A problem simply solved by learning to touch type!

The best keyboard I've ever used was the black one that Dell used to sell. As someone who can type it was a dream to use, not only for me, but for all those around as it was nearly silent.

It is surprising how much difference a good keyboard can make.

  Novice-2 15:44 23 Apr 2004

I hear what you say, Diodorus - and it sounds good. However (and this applies to learning to touch-type from Sir Radfordin)I've been told I'm the fastest two-fingered typist in the country (probably - possibly - could be...)and learning to touch-type after getting away with it for so many years is rather daunting! I also feel that a shaped keyboard (tried one for a few seconds)would disorientate my fingers - which now go to the right keys (most of the time)and get me lost. :-) One of my main problems is the side of my fingers catching the adjacent keys - thus you may get KL instead of just an L. To overcome constantly edge-touching the Caps Lock key in this way when striking the letter A, I've put a bleep in it. If anyone's interested, you do it with:

KEYBOARD BLEEPS – Control Panel / Accessibility Options / Keyboard tab. In the Toggle Keys section, select "Use Toggle Keys". Click Apply, click OK. The system will now beep whenever you press CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK or SCROLL LOCK. To disable the feature, open the Accessibility Options control panel and deselect the Toggle Keys option.

It all mounts up to indicate that our humble keyboards are very important, doesn't it - and we (most of us I guess)tend to take whatever comes when we buy a PC.

Thank you all. I hope this will be of interest to some people.

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