New ISP needed, agony with Pipex.

  Baskerville 13:58 07 Jul 2008

Hi All,
On Wednesday 25/06/08 my broadband stopped working, with no access to the internet ADSL and WLAN flashing on the router I called a UK number for support from Pipex, hello Tiscali/Pipex said the woman, since when have Tiscali been involved with Pipex I asked? we have been taken over she said, news to me I replied why have the customers not been informed I asked as some of us may have issues with Tiscali I said, we are in the process of letting evrybody know she said.......that was shock number one, you need to phone the Philipp ines she said for support.
I called the Philippines name, number, postcode, bank details, then yes sir how can we help you today, I told them my problem, have you re-set the router sir, or tried another micro filter? yes I said ok sir we will escalate your problem to a second engineer who will call you later.....I waited until Thursday, called again exact same procedure.....I waited called again, what is your problem sir.....same again called again Friday, they will call you sir, Saturday called again, Monday called again, a engineer will call today at 5pm, I waited no show, called again Tuesday a second call 'we will be in touch sir' called again Wednesday now a full week without Broadband, called again Thursday, a second engineer will call you sir tonight, they did, what seems to be the problem sir? you could not make it up, you need a line test sir, check it I said, yes seems to be a problem in the exchange sir, we will contact BT he said, Friday called again, we will send a BT engineer out on Saturday sir, he arrived said that there was a problem in the exchange and sorted it, bingo back with the living again, why oh why does it have to be this bad, I called again today to claim my phone costs back, we will have a look sir and let you know what costs can be removed within 5 days..........thank you for phoning Pipex sir, have a nice day !!!

Can someone recommend a low cost ISP with a router as I want a wireless network for another computer and to run a XBox? 8mb speed and no download limits please,

Thank you,


  ronalddonald 14:05 07 Jul 2008

3 mobile broadband. You can get PAYG or a contract try click here

  woodchip 14:08 07 Jul 2008

TalkTalk, But you will have to pay for Wireless Modem. I have been with them for some time. Glad I made the switch saved me a hugging of ££££££ also fast

  awest3 14:13 07 Jul 2008

I was with Pipex for 6 years..Tiscali took over and it went to pot similar problems to your own.

I went to Sky, got 4 times the speed for £5 (midi) a month...I had a few issues but they were sorted mainly online at the Sky unofficial user site.

  Baskerville 18:29 07 Jul 2008

Hi All,

Having had one hell of problem with Pipex, I'm after changing my ISP, I pay nearly thirty quid for Pipex and that is simply too much.

I was looking at Sky and for a tenner you get up to 16mb and fair usage no limit.

I need a wireless connection as I also have a Laptop so a router would be needed, good dependable speeds are required also as my son plays various games online as well as having a XBox.
I would like to compare the best ISPs there are out there,

Can anyone help please,



  RobCharles1981 18:39 07 Jul 2008

Baskerville hi :-)

What does Samknows say what services are available to you?? click here

All Depending on your line stats also.

If you can't get any LLU services have you considered an Entanet Reseller ISP?? Such as Falconnet ??

  mrwoowoo 18:47 07 Jul 2008

Bit off topic,but why on earth would the Phillipines want your bank details?They should not need to ask that for technical support.
I for one would have refused to give it.

  birdface 19:09 07 Jul 2008

Half price with here

  Baskerville 20:40 07 Jul 2008

I can get Virgin, TalkTalk, 02, Bt, NTL and I think Sky.
Pipex ask for full name, postcode,address, and the name of your bank, just the bank not the sort code or anything.
It's mad really because you have already told them of the fault, in my book they should issue you with a unique number on the first call, then they should then just ask for this number each time you call them instead of going through all that lot when you just want the problem sorting.


  RobCharles1981 21:46 07 Jul 2008

Hi Baskerville

You would do well I beleive with 02/Sky Id personally go with O2. Check out the ratings:

click here

All depending on your line stats? What modem/router do you have? Find your router from this list: click here

  Baskerville 22:29 07 Jul 2008

I'm looking at 02 now and maybe a phone package that will make it even more cost effective as our mobile is on it's last legs.

Thanks for the links,


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