New ISP but mail problems.

  Daibus 19:04 25 Oct 2003

We have just installed a new ISP as it is a 24/7 56k connection, but still want to keep the other server configured on my computer.

It´s working fine, but sending or receiving mail in OE is a problem.
We have probably put in the wrong configuration somewhere along the line, however we did follow the messages, but as I´m in Spain we may have well made a mistake.

Is it possible to tell me what the settings should be, if you have a new server, but want to keep your original e-mail address.

With thanks.

  VoG II 19:07 25 Oct 2003

You will be able to receive e-mails from your old ISP address.

However you cannot connect to "new ISP" and send from "Old ISP" e-mail. To send messages you need to set up an e-mail address with your new ISP. As far as I know all ISPs implement this policy.

  gold 47 19:11 25 Oct 2003

Who is your ISP?? it should setup OE when you use the CDROM if not you should get the info on your ISP support if you are using AOL it does not support OE.

  Daibus 19:20 25 Oct 2003

Cheers for your help but I am in Spain so the Isp´s would probably not be familiar to you. The original server is a local company and the new one is called "" who are in fact, out of interest, part of T-mobile in the UK .

  furkin 12:25 26 Oct 2003

I have two two addresses & ISP's running through Outlook (originally OE)
Most ISP's use your screenname/email address name as part of the Incoming/outgoing (smtp etc) You could start by copying 'most' of the details from the ISP that does work,,, to the set-up of the one that dosn't. You will have to change the obvious bits of course (ISP names)
One of my ISP's uses their own alpha/numeric wordage,,, but both your ISP's will tell you their own details,,, after all, they want you to use their system. Good Luck

  A_World_Maker 13:09 26 Oct 2003

I dont know why, but one of my email accounts stopped working when I tried downloading them through Outlook, the way I got over it was to setup a free Yahoo email account and retrieve it from the troublesome server, then collect the mail, from the Yahoo account using Outlook. Somethings defy logic, so it seems!

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