Sam Colt 18:17 05 Aug 2005

I have managed, after a struggle to end all struggles, to get away from AOL. If ever they allow customers to sign up for a month instead of a year I suggest you try them just to see how bad an ISP can be once you get behind all the frills, the hype and the front.
Now I need some suggestions, advice or whatever so that I can use the internet. I am not a heavy broadband user, I don't download music or videos just the occasional picture and I reckon I don't need any more than 512kbs. I have a modem, but I'm not prepared to sign up for another year with anyone, it's just too much hassle if things go pear shaped.

  Completealias 18:30 05 Aug 2005

Virgin I believe where the only ISP doing monthly bb packages but even they have stopped sorry others may know of somewhere thou

  HondaMan 18:31 05 Aug 2005

click here are doing an offer at £14.99

  o44wen 20:03 05 Aug 2005

I am with and they have not given me any trouble. Free set up, free modem, no 12 month contract.

Their website still says it has "no 12 month contract" click here

In the terms it states "we do reserve the right to apply a £50 cancellation charge if your service is cancelled within 12 months of activation." Which i think is fair enough as it does cost them and they want to make their money back at least!

  aca 20:59 05 Aug 2005

look at click here

  Dipso 23:48 06 Aug 2005

Metronet click here They offer a Pay as You Go service which would suit your usage. Packages start at £11.75 for 512Kb although due to the inclusive usage the 1Mb package proves better value for money. You do have to pay a connection fee but they have recently changed to 1 month contracts so if you really were not happy (I've been with them for over 2 years now!) you could migrate to another ISP.

They have an forum on ADSL Guide in which the support staff regularly post Check out what others think of them click here

Also, they have been mentioned in a News report on this site for doing well in a recent Which? report click here

  Taff36 23:52 06 Aug 2005 click here Go to info at the bottom of the PLUS column and then proceed (top right on the next page.) You can choose a £11.75 one of payment for a 1 month contract.

  Sam Colt 14:29 07 Aug 2005

Thanks for the advice. Please keep it coming.

  Stuartli 16:13 07 Aug 2005

PlusNet also does PAYG broadband, which would fit in with not requiring too long a contract:

click here

  J B 17:26 07 Aug 2005

Check out click here Although you have to sign up for 12 months this still has some real good enhancements, and they are very good. J.B.

  bruno 17:55 07 Aug 2005

Metronet...excellent.I am a similar user to you and have 1Mb for £13.75, 512 is £10 plus vat.
click here

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