New Internet Security Suite decision

  cowgirl66 11:00 26 Sep 2008

I have reached the stage where I'm choosing a new Internet Security Suite. I have heard a lot about Kaspersky (I wish I knew how to pronounce THAT one!) and apparently even Barclays are giving it away. But I've read user reviews and a lot of them complain that they get a "blue screen of death". Surely this can't be so? And if so, why, when so many pc techies out there are recommending it?
BitDefender too is another one I'd like to hear about if any of you you have used it before. So far I've always used McAfee but I'm feeling like a change. Comodo Free Antivirus is another but oh I could go on and on, listing them all.

So if Kaspersky/BitDefender users can help me with their opinions here, I'd be very interested to read them all. Maybe even ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite users as well??

Regards cowgirl66

  [email protected] 11:10 26 Sep 2008

i wholeheartedly recommended it an another recent thread (foolish) and have since had 3 bsod's all avp (kaspersky) related have removed it for the time being and if you watch kaspersky forums the threads about it are also vanishing very quickly!
i think it's only with 64 bit vista, it's only since a recent module change and it seems to have something to do with the self defence.
it's a really great program i think this is just a glitch.

  [email protected] 11:22 26 Sep 2008

also remember kaspersky (cas~per~ski) i think!doesnt get on well with other security program, so don't use with any other hips program, there support program flags defender up as possible conflict full list here click here so it's a program like many other security suites nowadays that works best alone.

  cowgirl66 20:42 26 Sep 2008

thanks for that, adman. I notice today that BitDefender has released a 2009 version too. I guess soon all these products will be fighting for the "best" 2009 edition updates.

  sconedd 23:45 26 Sep 2008

Hi cowgirl66, i've had both these programmes. Kaspersky did work, but it also hogged the system sometimes. BitDefender I thought was just as bad, the pop up telling you this and that, also hogged the system. I am now with NOD32 from click here an excellent programme you don't even know it's there, does not hog the system. They did have a promotion on, I got mine for 2 years for £33.81 which is excellent value. I suggest try them for 30 days trial, if you like you can buy, if you don't like you can end it. Hope this helps, sconedd.

  DieSse 23:51 26 Sep 2008

I've used eset products for many years - initially the anti-virus - now the full security suite.

Painless, fast, updates very frequently - and no new versions to pay for - you simply pay annually and get all updates (not just virus patterns).

Unobtrusive and excellent in every way.

  DieSse 23:54 26 Sep 2008

Sorry - eset = NOD32 antivirus, and Eset Security Suite

click here

  Diversion 00:58 27 Sep 2008

click here I know 2007 edition but once registered it tells you to go to the Panda website to download the latest 2008 version that has Mega Detection and you get 12 months updates all for less than £8 including post & packaging. I've been using it for almost 6 years and it’s never let me down, the Mega Detection is for Spyware and diallers.

I tried that Kaspersky Internet Security Just last week, as soon as I connected to the internet it let a dialler in to my computer. It was only the Defender in Vista that notified of a dialler trying to access the internet, Kaspersky never even mentioned it and it was Kaspersky that let the thing in the first place. I soon put my Panda back in my computer, the only reason that I tried another Internet Security program is that Panda was conflicting with a download manager that I was trying out. But I would rather have a secure system than running a download manager; I found Kaspersky a total waste of time and money. If that’s the best of Russian technology it leaves a lot to be desired!

  [email protected] 10:55 27 Sep 2008

well i as a paying customer trying to find a solution to a problem for paid software i cannot currently use. had the nerve to ask for posts to stop being deleted as this was not helping anyone, and had my post removed and got kicked from the forum.
dr web is also very good a new version coming out soon!
i cannot believe the way some forums are policed, they are meant to be there to help people with problems and not as a marketing tool to mislead people into thinking the garden's rosier than it is in reality.
moan over.
if only all forums had FE.

  cowgirl66 11:59 27 Sep 2008

Thanks everyone, but since I haven't yet decided which to go for I will leave this open. I shall return for any other comments people wish to leave too. Security is such a vital nessecity these days, that I was so anxious to get a good Security Suite, but so many are out there it's a hard choice. Maybe it will be Kapersky 2009 for me.

Regards cowgirl66

  [email protected] 12:09 27 Sep 2008

at the end of the day it's what works for you, so why not take advantage of a 30 day trial. i have 3 pc's one with avira one with now dr web and one without any just behind a router, i wouldnt recommend this but it's a gaming pc used only for games with a stand alone scanner and in 7 months havnt had a problem it's all backed up to a removed hard drive anyway. every system is different so it's worth trying before you buy.

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