New internal hardrive. help!

  jack1001 23:46 10 Jul 2008

my computers hard drive is low.
and i have tried defragmenting. and deleting files, but its still low..

so im looking at getting an extra hardrive.

i have checked and there is room for one (and the wire that plugs into it) but i need to know if there is any specifics that will define which one i can get,

ATA (PATA/IDE/EIDE), Serial ATA (SATA), SCSI, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), Fibre Channel.
these are the 'bus types' i am aware of (yeah i did wiki it)

and i just want to know which will fit.

so basically how to check which one i need.
help asap


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 00:11 11 Jul 2008

1 how old is your PC?
2 make and model?

info will allow us to find out if your board supports EIDE (PATA) or SATA I / II

You could probably just fit an external (usb) drive and transfer documents pictures etc to the new drive to free up space on the old drive.

  €dstowe 06:15 11 Jul 2008

If you have the slightest uncertainty about what internal drive you need then Fruit Bat /\0/\s suggestion of an external USB drive is the way to go.

  jack1001 11:29 11 Jul 2008

Intel Celeron CPU
996MHz, 256 MB of RAM

thats what it says in system properties.

other that than its a fujitsu-siemens something.

it has Windows XP Professional (Version 2002)

i am hesitant to get an external hardrive as it would occupy one of my two usb ports, and then i have to plug my mouse in too, so that leaves none.

is there a way i can check to see, will my current hardrive say something on it?

thanks for all your help,

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:34 11 Jul 2008

fujitsu-siemens something?

laptop or destop sounds like a laptop the "something" would tellus exactly waht it is.


  natdoor 11:42 11 Jul 2008

You could solve the USB problem with a hub.

You also say that you hve checked that there is space and cabling and ask if something written on the hard drive might provide the answer. This implies to me that you have opened the case toinvestigate. if so, the type of cable going to the hard drive will define the type ypu require. It will be flat and wide for PATA and a small bundle for SATA.

  DieSse 11:55 11 Jul 2008

You need a PATA/IDE drive.

It's not possible to say what the maximum size drive possible is, without knowing what motherboard you have.

Free Everest will tell you. click here

Other issues - you have very little RAM to be running XP Pro - it must be quite slow. I would recommend you double the RAM you have at the very least, to 512MB.

On an older system such as this, the Power Supply might not be very high capacity - look on the side of it at the total Watts. Not enough and you may have a problem with a second hard drive.

If you want more USB ports, to use an external drive for media files (and a backup, perhaps) - you can very cheaply fit a multi USB port card. Example click here

  kalignorgna 12:08 11 Jul 2008

Intel Celeron CPU
996MHz, 256 MB of RAM has to be a IDE drive as SATA wasn't around much when that spec of xp machine was out. xp machines from 02 could detect up to 120GB usaly but i would flash (upgrade) your BIOS first to be safe just go to click here fujitsu-siemens download page to find it. They sould still have the drivers onsite but if not they will usaly tell u where u can get them.

  jack1001 21:57 12 Jul 2008

its a desktop.
and thanks,
i think it will be a IDE...

i have been into a computer shop, and theyve shown me the difference between SATA and IDE, so now i know what to check for

thanks for all your help.


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