New Intel chipsets - New PC build

  Mysticnas 20:46 05 Dec 2004

Hi all..

I've been asked to build a few pc's for a local company.

I know what to build in terms of the right spec for the job. However, this new chipset and CPU socket by intel has got me into a bit of a thinking spot...

Going on the companies current equipment: they've had it for about 4yrs, some Dell P3's that i remember upgrading over time for them (hard-drives, RAM graphics etc). It's a printing/publishing firm. He's hightlighted issues such as needing faster pc and wanting to be able to upgrade over, RAM, hdd, CPU even.

Which leads to me to this new intel stuff. I was going to stick with a socket 478 system, but not sure now. The business needs reliability obviously and i've read a few reviews on the new intel stuff which don't look too good.

Any suggestions?

  Mysticnas 01:06 06 Dec 2004


  Noelg23 08:41 06 Dec 2004

well since the Intel are not getting good reviews, go for AMD, your best bet would be AMD Athlon 64 CPUs, read more at click here I always use AMD CPUs when building PCs and they have never failed me yet *touch wood* so this would be your best bet, also the motherboards to go with these AMDs would be from MSI click here they are very good and reliable too, again I use these for motherboards when building PCs and no probs at all. so there are a couple of things for you to consider.

  Mysticnas 09:55 06 Dec 2004

I was considering taking on AMD for a change. I've always stuck with Intel, for the reason that they are known to be better multimedia processors, and AMD's are better gamers.

I'll have a ponder. Just waiting for the boss to give me the company card so i can order the gear.


  Noelg23 11:26 06 Dec 2004

when ordering go to click here

  Mysticnas 11:30 06 Dec 2004

I always tend to get most of my gear from ebuyer anyway, as this is not my 1st build by a long shot.. lol.

I was just getting some opinions on the new Intel gear.

Thanks anyway though

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