New Intel Chipset

  tigertop2 10:11 14 Aug 2008

Do forum members have any views/news on the proposed new Intel 'Nehalim' processor due out in Sept this year? The 'i7' processors will be apparently be successors to the current Intel dual core ones but I am not clear if 775 pin motherboards will need to be replaced to accomodate them.

As I am contemplating another new build (if my wife does not find out first) any info or even opinions would be welcome

  tigertop2 10:13 14 Aug 2008

Oops , for chipset read processor! The chipset required is changing to X58 I understand

  I am Spartacus 10:27 14 Aug 2008

It's a new socket, 1366 I think and is supposed to be 12-20% more efficient at a given clock speed. Any aftermarket heatsinks currently available will not fit although new brackets might be available for some.

New motherboard required.

  tigertop2 16:54 14 Aug 2008

Thanks, I am Spartacus.

I might have known they would find a way to get me to buy a new motherboard!

Think I will sit back and see what sort of reception the new product gets. If nothing else it may drive down costs of existing CPUs and Mobos

  crosstrainer 16:59 14 Aug 2008

Yep, that's what they call progress. Same thing with AMD 550 > 760 (got the new mobo in the cupboard...This is running too well to contemplate a re-build.

Or maybe I am, at last getting old :)

  tigertop2 17:07 14 Aug 2008

crosstrainer, NEVER admit you are getting old! eg "Be 60 think 50 act 40"

My AMD rigs are running very well but I am curious about trying Intel for the first time to compare capabilities. Nehalem has been a long time in gestation so it might just be worth it, especially if it runs more economically

  crosstrainer 17:14 14 Aug 2008

That's just it. I'm 53 going on 15, but the age thing kicks in when you realise that even 6 months ago, that motherboard would be in this PC, my XP machine would also have a new build.

And yet, I'm finally doing as I'm told by the medical profession.

Only person who could ever have that effect before was Mrs Crosstrainer :)

I am actually looking forward to retirement (But do have a few projects in mind..)

Nothing too big, DC3 re-build, and a few others.

Now you have pointed it out, perhaps I will strip this down tonight. Was going to wait until the Nvidia 280's were mainstream, but hey... When have I ever done that? :))

  crosstrainer 17:17 14 Aug 2008

I think we have a boxed 280 in the workshop.......

Now look what you've done!

Need to go to the shops anway, dog's need to see the staff (true, they miss them)

er...more excuses. ?

  tigertop2 17:23 14 Aug 2008

Go to it Crosstrainer--Bags a ride in the DC3 --when its airworthy!!!

  crosstrainer 18:31 14 Aug 2008

You have it, but as yet a project very much in it's embyonic stage.

Have sourced a clean fusalage.

Help may be at hand from a few people here (won't name them, they know who they are!)

But yes, I see things through, and you are welcome aboard.

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