New Installation

  zimbo919 13:54 02 Feb 2005

To eliminate a virus I have been told to format my hard drive and install a fresh version of W98 Second Edition (my current OS).

First of all; how do I uninstall the current W98?

How do I format my hard drive before installing a new version of W98?


  ACOLYTE 13:56 02 Feb 2005

First what virus do you need to get rid of a format may not be needed?.If it is that can be explained later.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 14:08 02 Feb 2005

i concur with ACOLYTE a format may be a bit drastic at this stage most viruses can be removed even if they are somewhat tricky at times

  zimbo919 15:20 02 Feb 2005

The virus is a message box which occurs whilst I am on-line which reads: 'please wait preparing plug-in' address bar reads: download:

When I come off-line an XXX icon has appeared on my desk top!

Have used Spy Sweeper to remove it but the message box keeps appearing about 5-10 mins after I log on to internet.

  PsiFox 16:40 02 Feb 2005

How to remove manually here

click here

Also google search for more info

click here=


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:44 02 Feb 2005

read this thread from another forum click here

  ACOLYTE 16:47 02 Feb 2005

Firstly you dont wont to go to it downloads dialers onto your pc and if you are on dialup that can get expensive,secondly i would check for rougue dialers on the system already if you have had this on the pc a while there's no telling what you downloaded try click here and scan your system if you are on BB then the dialers wont be an issue but its still worth scanning and getting rid of any that are there.

  zimbo919 13:16 09 Feb 2005

Still having problems - followed advice given by PsiFox (spysubtract research centre) to remove it this pest manually but couldn't even find it in the registry! HELP!

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