New install of XP on new hard drive

  Colp 14:19 27 May 2004


after some problems with previous HDD I have bought a new one, and decided to upgrade OS to XP from ME also.

I'm pretty sure I can install the new HDD OK, so my question is: what happens next?

I've read the documentation that comes with the HDD and OS, and all seems clear, but I don't want to mess up so would appreciate help on the following:

1 - can I just restart the computer with the XP disk in and let it partition and format the drive?
2 - how do I connect to the internet without any disks or pre-installed ISP details? (I have a Virgin account already so just need to update the connection details, which I have printed out)

Any help, or links to previos threads which cover this, gratefully received.


  Epocs 14:26 27 May 2004

You just need to boot up with the XP disc in the drive (make sure the cd is set to be read before the harddisc in the BIOS). It should say press any key to load from CD, this will take you into the initial screen where you have 3 options. Choose the first, then select the partition you want to install on, as it is a new harddrive you should only have one. Select this partition and it should ask you to format it and to choose which type of file structure, I would recommend NTFS especialy if it is a large harddrive. The computer will then need to re-boot and will then start installation. You won't need access to the internet straight away as you have so many days before you need to register, so you can set up your ISP first.

  SANTOS7 14:28 27 May 2004

click here new to xp colp have a look here in table of contents got to setting up xp, good luck

  Colp 14:33 27 May 2004

Thanks to you both - I will forge ahead.

  Fruit Bat 14:39 27 May 2004

1. Copy Phone No. of ISP from internet options / connections / settings / properties.

2. Make sure BIOS Boot sequence is set to CDrom first then IDE 0, which your hard drive is on.

3. Swap hard drives and start up with XP in cdrom drive.

You may have to partion and format drive when asked by XP setup. Setup should then install XP make sure you have Serial No. at hand.

3. when xp installed and modem drivers installed, run internet connection wizzard to set up your Virgin account.

  Colp 14:45 27 May 2004

I was a bit too quick to resolve this, can anyone give more information on how to set BIOS boot sequence? BTW, I don't have a HDD already set up -formatting the old one failed several times which is why I bought the new one. Have all drivers, though.


  Epocs 14:58 27 May 2004

You can change the boot sequence by going into the BIOS at boot-up, usualy by pressing the Delete key. Somewhere in it there will be a list of boot devices and oyu can set which boot firsts, the exact layout depends on your BIOS make and version. XP makes formatting easy, on the screen where you select the partition as described in my post above, it should tell you what to press for differant operations, such as create partition, install, format, delete etc at the top. Just press the key for format, select NTFS and then it will re-boot, go back into the same screen and select install.

  Colp 15:05 27 May 2004

Thanks - will try at the weekend, and hopefully succeed.

  Colp 10:56 01 Jun 2004

Hi again

just to complicate matters I've bought a new monitor as well - LGL1710B - so I'm now unsure what sequence I should follow. I've installed the new HDD, so I assume I connect the new monitor, but what then? Do I start the PC with the XP disc, and will Windows automatically recognise the new monoitor? Will I be able to use the monitor while setting up everything else or do I have to use my old monitor to install XP and then add the new monitor afetr everything else is done?

  Epocs 12:35 01 Jun 2004

Windows doesn't need to recognise your monitor, it will just work. Might need to install drivers for advance features but otherwise will just work so you can use it whilst setting up your system.

  Colp 12:40 01 Jun 2004

Cheers - I will go ahead without fear.

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