new install windows xp-2 questions?

  [DELETED] 00:42 12 Dec 2003

1st question-when i start up my name DENIS comes up and i have to click in the icon,how can i make windows start up on it`s own?
2nd question-what do you folks recommend the best program`s to install-free of course,i can not even apply for a credit card,as i am on benifit.
thanks in advance.

  powerless 00:46 12 Dec 2003

1. Start, Run, Type:

Control userpasswords2

Click OK.

Remove tick from "Users must enter a user name..."

Click OK.

2. click here

  [DELETED] 00:53 12 Dec 2003


Whats your operating system? Is it XP or ME?

If you have XP Pro, then I don't believe that this can be changed as it is the nature of the beast to secure access [I have XP home with just my name on it - I am not required to log in each time]. Another could be that you have instructed windows to ask for access control, which is why it asks you to confirm that you are the only one on the computer. I can't remember how to change this, but if you respond confirming your version of Windows either I or someone else will help.

Must have software?

AVG [antivirus]
Ad Aware - removes so-called spyware
Spybot S&D as above
Kerio Personal Firewall

All these are free and can be found here : click here

Then it's up to you - want do you want to do with your PC? Play games, work, write letters, etc.



  powerless 00:55 12 Dec 2003

eyes flutter!

  [DELETED] 00:57 12 Dec 2003

<sits here just asking what I have to do to answer a question before you guys>

And you're still claiming not to be one of the Famous 5 - or should that be 6 ? lol

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  [DELETED] 01:27 12 Dec 2003

come down 2 my limited brain level please

  [DELETED] 01:28 12 Dec 2003

Is there anything you need in particular? do you have a word processor?

  Terrahawk 04:25 12 Dec 2003

office free click here
Antivirus essential click here free for home use click here
also free for home use
firewall if required all free click here click here click here click here
adware spyware blockers removers click here click here click here
pdf reader click here
if you dont like media player click here

a few of the free offerings available

  [DELETED] 08:34 12 Dec 2003

you ask the question "Whats your operating system? Is it XP or ME?"

Did you read the main title in the thread?


  [DELETED] 10:51 12 Dec 2003

Late night, late night ;o))

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