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  catpike 07:59 26 Feb 2004

if i wiped the hard disk clean on a old computer i have a opearating system being win98,but where would i get the other drivers from and how would i know what to get as there are on disks with this com and would i be better off with melinium i have a copy someone gave me,is there any way ican be sure it will work.thanks catpike

  anon1 08:23 26 Feb 2004

A lot of drivers are packed within windows itself but without you giving any details it is very difficult to offer any help. If you know what drivers you want then you should be able to find them on the internet click here
you may have to join but its free. If you want to know what os to install then look up the required specs. click here

  anon1 08:28 26 Feb 2004

ignore the last link it is the wrong one instead visit click here and search for the details of the os you want.

  Taran 09:02 26 Feb 2004

Before you wipe the machine you should click here and download a small program called Belarc Advisor. It scans your system and ouputs a printable report of its operating system, application software and hardware including details of make and model sound, graphics cards, modem and so on.

Assuming the PC still runs Windows I suggest you give it a try.

Finding your device drivers then becomes fairly easy with some simple searches online.

  catpike 03:24 03 Mar 2004

when idownload a movie from kazaa it wil not play on my household dvd player what do i need to do.thanks.

  Jester2K 07:38 03 Mar 2004

buy it...

  anon1 17:53 05 Mar 2004

I would guess that your household dvd player does not support the file type of the movie. (regional settings for example)

  anon1 17:54 05 Mar 2004

Also as you now seem to have resolved the original issue could you please sign this thread as solved and start a new one for other matters in future, thank you

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