new IE7 tabs open to blank page

  johnpalmer 14:44 05 May 2009

How do you make new IE7 tabs open to your homepage, rather than staying blank.

I have had to re-install XP Home recently.

I am sure its just a tick box somewhere, but I can't find it.

Thanks for any help.

  rawprawn 17:51 05 May 2009

"Presumably if you want the Home page every time you set it up by repeatinmg it there?"

I imagine so, however I can see no reason to do that.

  ened 18:05 05 May 2009

I see no reason either but it was the original question.

However I can find no way of opening Links in a new tab!

  johnpalmer 18:29 05 May 2009

Have now discovered how to open each new tab to my home page.

Go to Tools, Internet Options, General.

Click on Tabs, Settings, and tick the box "Open home page for new tabs instead of blank page"

I knew it was simple, but couldn't initially find it.

Thanks for all your help

  rawprawn 18:35 05 May 2009

I think the reason is this.
IE Pro click here
download it and in Preferences tick "Open New Tab From Links Bar"
i had forgotten I had it installed.
It is an excellent little program and doesn't get in the way.
Sorry I didn't think of this earlier.

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