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new IE7 tabs open to blank page

  johnpalmer 14:44 05 May 2009

How do you make new IE7 tabs open to your homepage, rather than staying blank.

I have had to re-install XP Home recently.

I am sure its just a tick box somewhere, but I can't find it.

Thanks for any help.

  rawprawn 15:17 05 May 2009

Tools> Internet Options> General Page> fill in your Home page address in "Home Page"

  Clapton is God 16:03 05 May 2009

That's not the answer.

Like johnpalmer, new tabs always open as blank for me. It's only the first page I open which opens as my home page.

To be honest, I've always assumed that's the way IE7 is supposed to work - every new tab opens as a blank unless you've used the middle mouse button to click on a hyperlink - in which case a new tab opens for that hyperlink.

  rawprawn 17:02 05 May 2009

Ah, OK then save the url as Favourites/Links and then open from the links bar.
That works OK for me.

  ened 17:04 05 May 2009

johnpalmer Did you have it set up to open with your Home Page before the re-install?

  ened 17:05 05 May 2009

When I open anything from the Links Bar it opens in the current page!

  ened 17:05 05 May 2009

page = Tab

  rawprawn 17:25 05 May 2009

I'm not sure now that I am understanding correctly.
First I have 4 sites listed as my Home Page in IE Options, so when I open IE all 4 of those pages open in separate Tabs.
Second I have "Links" Enabled in the Menu Bar over the tabs.
I have about 10 different links listed there and if I click on any one link it opens a new tab showing that particular link.
I hope that is clear, I am using IE 7, but it also worked in IE 8 when I tried it.

  ened 17:33 05 May 2009

So to get back to the initial problem - you can type as many pages as you like in the home page section of 'options'.

Then every time you open a new tab it takes the next one on the list.

Is that correct?

Presumably if you want the Home page every time you set it up by repeatinmg it there?

  rawprawn 17:42 05 May 2009

No not quite, it will open all you have listed in Home Page Options. After that you need to open your chosen page from the links bar.

  rawprawn 17:48 05 May 2009

(If you simply click on a link it will open a new Tab showing that link)

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