new IE7 favourites and history tab

  alan in spain 09:26 25 Nov 2006

can anyone throw any light on why, when we open ie7 and select the gold star (favourites centre) either the previously saved favourites have gone missing or the history tab appears instead.

My partner keeps asking me why someone is snooping at his history !!! because when he leaves the pc,( having last used the favourites option), the next time he uses it the history tab appears. Also why the saved favourites dont save for long. they seems to drop off the list.

we have 2 pcs both running xp with all updates on athlon 2gb processors, avg and zone alarm and are using a networked wireless router on adsl. all data is save by default to an external 250gb hard disc with sharing on both pcs. any clues or any pointers anyone could offer ?

thanks guys I know someone may be able to help save any more domestic arguments just b4 christmas LOL

  Technotiger 09:49 25 Nov 2006

Hi, your saved fav's are still there, trouble is, I can't remember exactly how I found mine - I reverted to IE6 cos IE7 was giving me other problems. I think I righ-clicked on the Star to find my fav's. Just experiment, they are there somewhere.

Anyway, no doubt someone else will come on and tell you exactly.


  anskyber 09:58 25 Nov 2006

Interesting. Try tools, toolbars and tick favorites.

  Eric10 10:11 25 Nov 2006

When you click on the gold star you'll find tabs at the top of the drop down list for Favorites, Feeds, and History. It should open at the tab that was active when favorites were last closed.

  jimv7 10:54 25 Nov 2006

Try this, it worked for me, click here

  Pine Man 12:59 25 Nov 2006

Right click on the toolbar then tick MENU all the old style menus will appear in the tool bar and all your old favourites will be where hey used to be!

  alan in spain 01:26 26 Nov 2006

hi guys

well thanks to Pine man whos little tip worked brilliantly and i now have my faves back again.

still confused as to what happened to them in the first place and why the history tab pops up even if "favourites" was the last thing selected.

I will leave this up for just a day or two more and then mark it as closed if no other help or tips come along.

thanks again


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