new icon on tool bar

  mimo 17:00 28 Sep 2003

hello..just recently i have noticed a block with two red lights on the tool bar.these lights turn green after a while ,then it disappears .any ideas.cheers mimo

  powerless 17:03 28 Sep 2003

Hover your mouse over it and see what description the pop up gives.

  mimo 17:13 28 Sep 2003

hello powerless,the word com appears ?.mimo

  powerless 17:34 28 Sep 2003

Have you installed any programs recently?

SCanned for a virus and spyware?

  mimo 19:26 28 Sep 2003

hi all.i have not installed any software/download managers which would leave this type of icon.if i access aol when the lights are red the dial up box goes through every phone number ,at warp speed then states to log off.does this help ?.

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