New i5 6600k struggling with basic functionality

  Matt Barrett 21:49 30 Dec 2016

Recently built a PC in my flat at university:

i5 6600k, AMD RX 470 8GB, 8gb DDR4

The PC ran amazingly the first couple of days, I have a 144hz monitor and i was checking my FPS in every game i played to make sure i was keeping above 144. Counterstrike was at about 250 FPS, Overwatch similar, GTA 5 was hitting at least 80 FPS.

Anyway, i've been away for a couple of weeks staying with family, and I've just got back to my flat. Today, with nothing different, the PC is getting shit on by hearthstone. I'm getting sub 20 FPS playing Hearthstone, and my CPU usage is sitting at 90-100% constantly.

Any idea what could have caused this while the computer hasn't even been in use? I've closed all unnecessary processes, but beyond that i really have no idea what to do.

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