new HPOfficejet 7000 not working

  kim12 08:00 08 Aug 2012

I have used all sorts of printers over the years. Would not suggest I am any kind of Guru....but never come across such a difficult install. Have the option for either USB or Ethernet. Chose USB. Have installed and uninstalled this program, accepted all the HP requirements ( LOADS of them) but still cannot get new printer to work. Reason for buying this big beast is because I do a lot of artwork.Or DID!
Impossible to contact HP, too. I have had this printer for around 10 days now, and am still totally unable to get this nice new printer going. NEVER had this problem it me....have I finally succumbed to idiocy? Any suggestions gratefully received

  difarn 08:19 08 Aug 2012

When y ou say not working I assume that you mean it will not initialise? Are you trying to network it?

Did you check to see if the driver is the current one?

Did you use the wizard? If so and this hasn't worked you could try totally uninstalling then connecting by usb to let windows find the driver.

You could also try connecting by ethernet first to see if that works and, if it does, try the usb connection again.

  difarn 08:23 08 Aug 2012

Just come across an article from HP - if you are using an OS that was released after the date of the HP product then the installation cd will not work on windows 7 and you will need to download the software.

Article with download link here.

  kim12 09:48 08 Aug 2012

Hi Difarn.I am running XP SP3. There is no wizard that I can find. I have tried using the HP disk which came with the product, with and without a disk. HP tells me I must install from driver CD. Still nothing. Not sure about how to use ethernet. Should I use that, rather than USB? What "extras" do I need to use ethernet? I have never used that before. Should I try? Remove the USB and just use ethernet? I do have an ethernet cable, which can plug into its own power socket. Sorry if I appear so stupid....that's mainly because I am VERY OLD

  retep888™ 10:48 08 Aug 2012

Try using the ethernet cable if the router is nearby ,it's a better option to share the printer if you've other PC/Laptop in the house.

1) Plug one end of ethernet cable to the printer & the other to one of the 4 LAN ports of the router.

2) Power up the printer.

3) Power up the PC & insert the HP Driver CD, follow the on screen instruction & let the installation Wizard search for the printer's IP address.

4) Confirm the printer & install the driver, do a test print.

Please respond to this thread whether you're successful on the task so as other forum member can help too.

  Woolwell 11:00 08 Aug 2012

Do you get any error messages at all?

Have you gone to the HP support website and tried their trouble shooting?

  Woolwell 11:05 08 Aug 2012

Suggest that you follow this HP installation instructionsvery carefully, step by step and downloading from the HP site.

  kim12 12:09 08 Aug 2012

Well, you are all really trying for me, but I am struggling. My router sits precariously on my window sill, and there isn't enough cable to attach to router.Presumably I could get a longer cable somewhere? I live in a very smallsheltered flat, which makes life a little difficult. Woolwell, I have been trying to follow your suggestions. Retep, I have done all that you, and HP have told me to. I have had lots of printers, but this one is the pits. I only bought it because of its size - I draw and paint directly onto my screen and occasionally sell some of my stuff. Hence the bigger, better A3 printer. System still refuses to play. It did work for a short time, but did not seem to like it when I brought home a really good Acer 27inch monitor. That did not give me any hassle..... If I can't get round this, I shall have to dump the HP, at large cost....

  Woolwell 12:37 08 Aug 2012

Persevere if it worked for a short time it should continue again unless it has developed a fault and perhaps that is the avenue you should be exploring.

  KRONOS the First 13:19 08 Aug 2012

This will be of no help to you whatsoever but I have only ever had one HP printer,never again. You were never sure whether it was going to print or not. The only way I seem to get it to work but there again it was not all the time ,was to install nothing but the driver. Click here, but I did eventually give up on it and Freecycled it. HP's customer service was equally useless. Never again will I use anything by HP.

  retep888™ 15:20 08 Aug 2012

If you haven't yet tried with a long enough ethernet cable then it may be worth a trial, cables nowadays are getting much cheaper if you search the net & can wait for delivery click here

Local Maplins store click here & scroll down for 5 & 10 meter ethernet cables.

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