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  wayne.1 11:22 10 Jul 2003

i am looking for a new home page to replace the ntl one i would be intreseted for any good home pages ideas!!

  [email protected] 11:33 10 Jul 2003

I use google as my default one for speed but also have yahoo as a favourite for all the other stuff.

  wayne.1 11:35 10 Jul 2003


  Megatyte 12:42 10 Jul 2003

Same as [email protected], Google.


  Pesala 18:43 10 Jul 2003

Create your own home page with just the links that you want on it. Because the page is stored on your hard disk it will load instantly, even when your connection is down.

Mine looks like this in Opera 7.11 click here (best viewed at 1024 x 768 in clean screen)

  Megatyte 18:48 10 Jul 2003

I have one of those. It's called 'Favorites' ;-)


  Pesala 21:05 10 Jul 2003

The trouble is, I have hundreds of bookmarks, most of which I use only occasionally. My home page has only about 35 of my frequently used links, and is much quicker than searching through bookmarks. It is easy to update too. It takes only five minutes to open Net Objects Fusion, add or remove a few links, and update my home page.

Most Home Pages, like Yahoo, or NTL Home are cluttered with links that you will rarely use, and of course they are all commercial sites. Why not create one to suit your own needs?

  Gaz 25 21:14 10 Jul 2003

Put in about:blank

and open up to a clean page, it helps IE run faster, and you could make your own site and make IE go to the HDD for it.

I have a blank page with.


www. supanet .com

www. google

www. msn

www. pcadvisor

and a list of my best sites (Not including the gaps, but then I can click to my fav. site)

I saved it at C:\Home.html and add this as my start page.

Last week someone tho, messed it up. When I clicked Pc Advisor IE Crashed:

<input type crash>

and linked it to that page with the above code in.

  Gaz 25 21:17 10 Jul 2003

click here

Great, that is what I meant...

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