New home network not working

  j0hnfreder1ck 12:27 05 Sep 2013

I would very much appreciate some help as I'm just about to give up, I decided to move my Billion Bipac 7700N router from my office at home to where my incoming phone line is so I would need to run in some cat5e for the connections. Ive run in 2 cables,one for the office and one for the tv and fitted the the rj45 face plate for termination.The problem I'm having is when I'm plugging the PC into the the new network the router is not showing its connected. The router works fine when connected to the PC.I've belled out all the pairs on the network and there all good and I know the patch cables are good,Ive even spoken to Billion about the router.

Its probably something really simple but I'm at a loss.Thanks for your help in advance.Mitch

  alanrwood 19:08 05 Sep 2013

If the computer picks up the router can you try nit from the TV connection so as to eliminate the cables you have installed, If the Computer sees the router from the TV connection then at least you have narrowed it down to the cable from the RJ45 socket to the TV (it is not a cross over cable is it) or the TV settings.

  j0hnfreder1ck 05:38 06 Sep 2013

All the runs and outlets have been tested and are fine. The cable used is not crossover and neither are the patch cables

  alanrwood 09:21 06 Sep 2013

OK but you still have a problem so something is still failing. Unless you are prepared to do some further testing such as I suggested then you are going nowhere as without narrowing down where the problem is there is little possibility of determining what is wrong. The standard method is to eliminate sections until you determine where the problem lies.

  j0hnfreder1ck 11:27 06 Sep 2013

I am prepaired to do further testing and as I have already stated I have done this several times. It is not the router as I have also tested with another one,all the cables are good,the connections to the outlets are good and the patch cables are good so what else is there?

  alanrwood 16:51 06 Sep 2013

If you don't connect a known working device IE your working computer to the part that is not responding I can't help any more.

  j0hnfreder1ck 10:23 09 Sep 2013

I'm not sure if I'm misreading your posts or you are mine but as I've stated several times I am prepared to do what is necessary to get this to work. If you can help please do.

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