New high spec PC is running slow?

  kieranvyas 22:11 25 Aug 2015

I have just built my own PC (i7 5820k, GTX 970, 32GB memory) and quite often it suddenly becomes slow and unresponsive. I have ran checks on my HDD's and SSD and they say there is nothing wrong, also my GPU, CPU and memory never runs more than around 10%. Restarting the computer fixes the issue.

How can I troubleshoot this problem?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:30 25 Aug 2015

try switching off windows indexing and see if that stops the problem.

  Dragon_Heart 00:21 26 Aug 2015

I agree with Fruit Bat, how long does the PC run prior to this problem occurring ?

A simple reboot stops dead all programmes running in the background that you may have forgotten about.

  kieranvyas 09:00 26 Aug 2015

Not long at all. I think I have just figured something out. The problem seems to occur after waking my PC from sleep mode. So it runs fine until I put it into sleep mode and then its laggy after it comes out of it. Why would that be?

  Secret-Squirrel 09:02 26 Aug 2015

kieranvyas, was that screenshot taken during one of your pesky slowdowns? If it was then there it's clearly not showing any performance issues. There's no point in turning off the Indexing service as your hard drive is showing 0% activity.

Does Event Viewer show any warnings or errors that coincide with an episode of poor performance?

  Secret-Squirrel 12:23 26 Aug 2015

Ah, I see you've posted extra info on the other forum. Perhaps Event Viewer will reveal why your problem only occurs when the PC resumes from sleep.

  kieranvyas 19:06 26 Aug 2015

OK so this morning when I was experiencing the error I had a load of errors with the application 'Bonjour Service' however I am not sure if it is related as these errors aren't there as I test it now. The only error now is under 'system' that is called 'e1dexpress'

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