New HDD - XP running OK but BB modem not detected.

  Alan2 17:32 01 Aug 2003

Previous recent threads of mine outline situation re copying contents of old HDD to new with Drive Image 7. Everything OK except that I can't get the BB Freeserve Copperjet modem detected.

With new HDD in place modem USB light is red and slavishly following written instructions and Freeserve's tech advisers can't get anywhere.

I am presently back on the old (should I say "go old reliable") HDD and BB up and running OK ie green lights and this! But I do want to move on.

The problem appears to be in the new hardware detect wizard but I wouldn't know how to rectify this - are there any ideas - please?

I have in mind doing the whole copying routine again followed by repairing the OS (WinXP) but as it's such a painful exercise I'd like to avoid it. Also, I might just end up back in the same place.


  Alan2 20:03 01 Aug 2003


  Alan2 22:54 01 Aug 2003

Bump again.

  Alan2 09:38 02 Aug 2003

Yes - Checked them out but my scanner connected to the same card works fine. Tried the modem in all slots and scanner too - with the same result.

Going through the whole routine again today with fingers crossed.

Thanks anyway.


  Alan2 12:00 02 Aug 2003


I've actually got there. The only difference when making the copy was to tick the box "to copy the MBR".

This is labelled "Advanced - see documentation" but as I hadn't found it in any documents I looked in I ignored the first time round. The second time I had nothing to lose - but it worked.

It's spot on!

Happy bunny Alan.

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