New HDD - XP running OK but BB modem not detected.

  Alan2 17:32 01 Aug 2003

Previous recent threads of mine outline situation re copying contents of old HDD to new with Drive Image 7. Everything OK except that I can't get the BB Freeserve Copperjet modem detected.

With new HDD in place modem USB light is red and slavishly following written instructions and Freeserve's tech advisers can't get anywhere.

I am presently back on the old (should I say "go old reliable") HDD and BB up and running OK ie green lights and this! But I do want to move on.

The problem appears to be in the new hardware detect wizard but I wouldn't know how to rectify this - are there any ideas - please?

I have in mind doing the whole copying routine again followed by repairing the OS (WinXP) but as it's such a painful exercise I'd like to avoid it. Also, I might just end up back in the same place.


  Alan2 20:03 01 Aug 2003


  Alan2 22:54 01 Aug 2003

Bump again.

  nosey1 00:16 02 Aug 2003

Not sure, but when you reinstalled, you did make sure the usb hub drivers were working?

Look in the device manager and check the Universal Serial Bus Controllers...see if there are any probs there.

  Alan2 09:38 02 Aug 2003

Yes - Checked them out but my scanner connected to the same card works fine. Tried the modem in all slots and scanner too - with the same result.

Going through the whole routine again today with fingers crossed.

Thanks anyway.


  Gaz 25 09:44 02 Aug 2003

Have you installed the drivers for the USB converter if it is a LAN > USB connection?

Have you tried installing drivers and connecting before startup?

  Alan2 12:00 02 Aug 2003


I've actually got there. The only difference when making the copy was to tick the box "to copy the MBR".

This is labelled "Advanced - see documentation" but as I hadn't found it in any documents I looked in I ignored the first time round. The second time I had nothing to lose - but it worked.

It's spot on!

Happy bunny Alan.

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