new hdd & reloading XP

  brianivor 21:37 02 Apr 2010

Acer Aspire T135 desktop.3100+

From new this PC took ages to boot up and the HDD access light was flickering for most of the time the PC was switched on. It now takes over 10 mins to boot up.
MSconfig was cleared of un-necessary startups.
I would like to replace the HDD with a new one and load Windows XP from a "proper" OEM disk rather than the 5 recovery disks I had created some while ago.

My question is: Can I do this without invalidating my user licence (the sticker is on the case) and is there any Acer-specific software resident on the PC (in the Bios?) which would prevent this. The reason I ask is I previously owned a Packard Bell with "Tattoos" and "Glue" what a nightmare that was.

  Strawballs 21:41 02 Apr 2010

As long as the OEM disc is of the same version ie home or pro then it will work ok I did it recently on a Fujitsu laptop with XP home on it using a Home OEM disc that I have and the product code off the bottom of the lappy

  DieSse 21:45 02 Apr 2010

Yes it'll work - but you will have to find all the Acer specific drivers from their site, and install them afterwards.

Whereas the recovery disks should give you a fully working system straight off, including any applications that came with the system.

  rdave13 21:56 02 Apr 2010

Be careful as it not only has to be the same 'Home' or 'Pro' etc., versions but will need to be the same SP version also.
Another thing to remember is that you'll need all the drivers for your motherboard as a clean install will not have them.
I've used double driver (just google for it) to save all mobo drivers. DD will ask if you need to save all Windows drivers as well as the hardware.
I always leave this option out (windows drivers) as most on the XP disc.
Burn the mobo drivers to disc along with DD and you should be up and running in, well, a few hours, as you'll be updating Microsoft updates for a while!

  ronalddonald 22:11 02 Apr 2010

u decide to add a new hdd, have you ran ccleaner to see if this resolves the 10min start up, you can download it from

click here

i would suggest you download it on to a pen drive and run it from there and download it on friends machine or another machine you can use

  brianivor 23:48 02 Apr 2010

Thank you to all who have helped me with this issue

  brianivor 23:48 02 Apr 2010

Thank you to all who have helped me with this issue

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