New HDD recognised by Taskbar but not in Explorer

  Connaught 13:10 24 Feb 2010

I have an ASUS F3F laptop(Home Vista) and wish to put a new 500GB HDD in place of the old one. In order to transfer the image(saved on another external HD) to the new HDD I have put the new drive in a cassette with usb connection with the intention of copying over the image from the external drive. Having done that I would then make the physical internal replacement. I have not been able to get W/Explorer to recognise the new drive as an external HDD (in the cassette) so have not been able to progress. It is recognised in the task bar however and you can bring up the menu from the icon there and read the detail of the new drive etc.

Can any one please guide me as to how to overcome this problem.

In addition the handbook says that the HDD should only be replaced by an accredted service engineer but everywhere else says it can be done by anyone with reasonable savvy.



  Technotiger 13:21 24 Feb 2010

I think you have gone about this in the wrong way - you should put the new hard drive into the enclosure sure, then connect via USB. You should then have used something like Acronis True Image, or one of the Free similar programs to CLONE the old drive to the new one. It would then have been a simple matter of replacing the old drive with the new drive - job done.

  Connaught 14:25 24 Feb 2010

Thanks Technotiger. But The image I have is that made through Driveimage and I had arranged for it to be on an external drive at the beginning of January. So that is all I have. My hard disk failed since then and I accidentally wiped it clean with the recovery disk. I started afresh with the recovery disk but as it seems a bit di cey I wish to replace the HDD. I therefore wish to start again from the image I took in January. Is there any reason why the Drive image software should not work. It seem ok. But I havent got that far yet anyway as W/explorer does not recognise the new drive (USB) although I can see it and its details from the icon on the taskbar and it advises that it is working ok. After all at this stage it is just another external drive albeit temporarily intil I can get the image on to it. I have two full size externals that work fine. So there seems to be no reason why it should not show on the 'My Computer' window, is there?
The others do.



  Technotiger 14:57 24 Feb 2010

I assume you have the Restore option with the saved image, so perhaps you could put the image onto the new drive and then install the drive (not via USB) and see if you can run the Restore of the image.

I hope that makes sense - but I must warn you, I am only guessing, having not used Drive Image myself.

  Connaught 16:02 24 Feb 2010

Thanks again. I would love to do that somehow but I cannot do anything if the new drive is not recognised by explorer. As such I am unable to transfer anything on to it. Thats the point. Yes there is a restore facility with Driveimage but at this moment that must be for the future. Once I get the new drive recognised I will be able to press on.

  Technotiger 16:06 24 Feb 2010

What about fitting the drive with the image on it internally, not via USB.

  Connaught 17:03 24 Feb 2010

Well, I did start to remove the old HDD with that in mind and found that with the screws removed on the panel,it was still very difficult to move it and thus I asked if anyone knew whether there was a problem changing the HDD in the F3f. The handbook says that only an accredited service agent should do it! I was then going to insert the new HDD with nothing on it and use the Asus recovery disk to get it started. Thereafter I would select what I needed from the image which for me would be a poor second best.

So if anyone is able to say that its possible for me to do it, I will apply more force to free it!

Thank you once more


  Connaught 18:40 24 Feb 2010

I have just checked the BIOS and the new drive is registered. I even swapped it around as primary drive for Boot up and when doing so it certainly looked at it if you can judge by the monitor light. Does this help?

Thank you


  Technotiger 19:22 24 Feb 2010

I have had a look at the Manual but it does not give any useful detail about the hard drive, and I can not find a Service Manual for the laptop.

I am sorry, but I an afraid I cannot help further - perhaps a visit to your local PC shop might be in order.

  Connaught 20:22 24 Feb 2010

Thanks Technotiger, I am very grateful anyway.


  Connaught 09:22 25 Feb 2010

Technotiger, I thought you may want to know:
There are obscure things in Windows that we need to know but are continually kept in the dark for no apparent reason. I always find it difficult to remember how to get to disk management and I needed it. By chance I saw a reference to the 'blind' Explorer in last weeks Computeractive in a different context. From that it was a hunt through various sources on the net until I discovered the simple solution that you need to format a new drive before it will be visible to Explorer. Having got there you find you cannot do this without initialising. Something else you can do with disc management. So Initialised and formatted I couldnt use it without a volume name so I did that and eventually was able to load my restored image on the new drive. I have yet to go through the exercise of replacing the drive in the Laptop and having removed the screws of the compartment to get further seems to be downright unhealthy as the plastic seems to be still trapped.

Thanks again.

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