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Hi guys, on many an occasion have I taken out hdd's and replaced with bigger and better and then done a fresh install. However, a friend of mine wants to upgrade a 6 gb hdd to a 40gb, and keep his files, settings, programs, etc. How would i go about this ? OS xp pro

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just a nudge incase anyone missed me ;)

  woodchip 19:01 17 Nov 2003

You need to get the latest version Drive Image, And make a Image of the disc if He as a CDRW if he as not got one the you will first have to install the new drive as a slave to the old drive. You should then make sure that it is recognised by DOS and Windows by going into BIOS and auto detect the drive then in Windows Explorer right click the drive and choose format. you can then use the drive to copy the Image from Drive Image to the new Drive. After you have done the above just remove the old drive and Use the Drive Image Floppy disc's that you can make from the CD and you then start comp with the number one Drive Image floppy disc, it will tell you to put the number two disc in, When you get into drive Image it loads a CD driver and Mouse driver so you can use the mouse in DOS to restore the Image from the new drive back on to it's self

  [DELETED] 19:04 17 Nov 2003

I had a rough idea but you confirmed what i thought to be the right process, regards,

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