New HDD - Possible activation issues with WinXP?

  Alan2 20:35 29 Jul 2003

With the aid of Drive Image I am about to copy the contents of what may be a failing HDD to a new one.

When I've altered the jumper setting to reverse the status of the drives and boot up the new one will I have problems with WinXP and OfficeXP which have been activated on the old C drive?


  powerless 20:38 29 Jul 2003

Only way to know is to try.

But as its only one HW change do not worry.

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  dth 20:42 29 Jul 2003

Shouldn't be a problem. Even if you have to re-activate - it can usually be done over the internet. With re-formating my hard drive and making changes to my system I must have re-activated about 10 times since last year. Never had a problem.

  DieSse 20:48 29 Jul 2003

I have done loads of re-activations - never ever had a problem, even when doing them by 'phone.

  Alan2 20:54 29 Jul 2003

Rights guys - thanks for the responses, I've been reading the MS blurb referenced by Powerless and it confirms all your views that there'll be no problems. Right?

I'll do it all tomorrow.

Thanks again,


  The Sack 21:36 29 Jul 2003

There is not a single part of the PC left that i originaly installed XP on to, i did however have to ring uncle Bill up at one point as XP said no chance but after i explained i was a serial upgrader they gave me an unlock code.

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