New HDD mpt recognised

  Sonic21 18:02 19 Jan 2005


This one has been troubling me all day i have rebuilt my computer into a New case new quiter fan new psu all on the quite side system sounds great problem is i got a 160 gig Maxtor Hard Drive and loaded it up Windows Xp detects the drive and installs the driver but when i go into My Computer i find its not there i have tried putting it on its own on and IDE cable does not work even when i have it on with my cd-writer it displays the CD-writer but not the HDD.

My conclusion was there was something wrong with the hard Drive frustrated i went to PC world and bought another intending on sending back the 160 gig but same thing happens it's a Samsung 80gig detects the hard drive installs the drivers but doesent display it under my computer or in windows explorer.

Anyone got any suggestions?

  spikeychris 18:12 19 Jan 2005

Is this a second HDD on the same machine, as in are there two HDD's?

  Sonic21 18:35 19 Jan 2005

Hi, Yeh they are i have tried putting them on diffrent ide cables though makes no diffence when I check under computer management it says there is an unknow uninisiated 160 gig drive connected when i click on inisiate makes no diffrence,

  spikeychris 18:40 19 Jan 2005

Format the little tinker. Windows will not know its there if you don't.

Start run and type diskmgmt.msc format it.

  Sonic21 18:45 19 Jan 2005

Thankyou I never had to do that with previous versions of Windows.


  spikeychris 18:49 19 Jan 2005

You can send one back now ;o)

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