New HDD installation

  david20 09:28 27 Apr 2004

I would like to replace an existing HDD with a new 80gB HDD (ie not use it in addition to my existing HDD).
If I load on Windows XP Home do I have to format the HDD?
I have all the set-up CD's for the motherboard/modem that came with the computer. If I remove and instal a new HDD, do I have to re-install all this hardware also?

  dth 09:42 27 Apr 2004

yes - by removing your old hd and adding the new
hd you would be starting from a blank piece of paper.

it might be worthwhile setting up your new hd and then putting your old hd back in (as the slave drive) and then copying all your docs across to the new hd.

it is always a good idea to make a back-up of your docs, emails, ie favs, address book etc before you make the changes.

  david20 09:08 28 Apr 2004

Thanks dth. Once I've physically installed the HDD- is the formatting and partitioning of the new HDD done through the windows XP CD-Rom? Will I need a separate formatting disc? Or does Bios boot up automatically and formatting done from there?

  byfordr 09:22 28 Apr 2004

When you come to installing xp it will give you the option to set up partitions. I would imagine a 80gb hd would be automatically picked up by xp.

I put in a 160gb with a new installation of xp in at the weekend. After setting 2 80gb partitions I installed xp, 1 partition was picked up automatically, the other I formated by:- My Computer, right click of hd, format. I would imagine your motherboard should pick it up straight away (unless its very old)


  david20 09:20 04 May 2004

My lame attempts at install a new HDD a new instal of XP Pro seem to have failed. The problem is I have an early version of XP which is unbootable. Is there a link where I can doneload the boot discs for XP Pro?
I turned on after installing new HDD and Windows XP Pro. - Received a message saying- Boot System Error- Please Insert Disk'. After my XP disc failed (receiving the same message), I inserted my motherboard CD and followed some DOS instructions (downloaded from the net) about formatting your HDD.
However, I believe I have just partitioned it. I didn't reach the Format :C stage.
The main problem now is that when I turn on my PC there is not the usual 'Boot System Error- Please insert Disc'. Instead- I receive a message 'Default F?_' When I try to type anything from the keyboard there is no response at all. Does anyone recognise this meassge or what it means?
Think I've really scuppered my machine. I'm hoping I can download the boot floppies and once I insert these, it will revive things.
Is there a separate boot download for XP Home and Pro?
Still- it's what Bank Holidays are made for!

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