New HDD Install problem

  daba 16:51 11 Aug 2007

PC will not boot when new HDD is added ready for preparation and cloning.

PC is W2K

Disk set-up before problem :-

Pri Master 4 GB HDD
Pri Slave 80 GB HDD
Sec Master DVD R/W
Sec Slave CD R/W

High time to replace the 4GB drive in C:, so purchased new WD Caviar 80GB drive to replace it.

To set it up and clone it from the C: drive, I disconnected both DVD and CD drives from Secondary IDE, and connected the new HDD as Master on the Sec IDE channel.

BIOS detects new disk OK, but then I get "Disk Boot Failure - Please Insert a systen disk".

Have checked BIOS settings:-
1st boot device : HDD-0
2nd boot device : disabled
3rd boot device : disabled
Other boot device : disabled

Any idea what I'm doing wrong ?

  citadel 17:22 11 Aug 2007

normal way is to set new drive as slave on the same cable then software copies old drive onto new. remove old drive and set new drive as master.

  daba 17:28 11 Aug 2007

I agree that's normal, but can you see anything wrong with putting the new HDD as Master on the Sec. channel. Surely this shouldn't stop the PC booting ?

Anyway, I need to keep the D: drive as is, because that is where Acronis is installed for cloning the boot drive.

  daba 17:34 11 Aug 2007

Could it be anything to do with needing an 80-conductor cable for this drive?

There is a warning during during device detect that "The Master doesn't have...." etc., but I can't see how this would stop the PC from booting.

  Eric10 17:49 11 Aug 2007

If I understand what you are saying then you now have 3 hard drives connected. 4Gb Primary Master (boot drive), 80GB Primary slave (existing) and the new 80GB drive as Secondary Master. When you connected the 80GB drive as Secondary Master did you set its jumper to Master? New drives usually come jumpered as Cable Select and this setting does need an 80 way cable.

  daba 18:31 11 Aug 2007

Yes, that's what I actually meant when I said "and connected the new HDD as Master on the Sec IDE channel", not very clear, I admit.

I've since connected an older HDD just to see if the configuration works OK, and it does with the other drive.

The warning about 80-conductor cable refers to the Primary channel, which I will need to replace when I put the new HDD as C:. I already have an 80-way cable on the Secondary, It's just what was to hand at build time. I suspect it would have been better to put the 80-way on the HDDs and the 40-way on the DVD/CD channel.

I'm beginning to suspect the new drive is faulty, my understanding of Pri, Sec, Master, & Slave configurations is fairly robust.

  Eric10 19:11 11 Aug 2007

I think that at this stage I would go to Western Digital's site click here and download either the floppy or CD version of Lifeguard for DOS. Then connect just the new drive as Primary Master and the CD drive (only needed if you get the CD version). Reset the Boot sequence in the BIOS to boot from the appropriate device first (CD or Floppy) and prepare the new hard drive for use, partition and format, with this software. This will prove if the hard drive is indeed faulty or not. They also have Lifeguard Diagnostic software which I think will test the drive but I haven't used this so can't advise on it.

There are also Windows versions but you will need to be able to boot into Windows for that to be of any use to you.

  daba 19:56 11 Aug 2007

" understanding of Pri, Sec, Master, & Slave configurations is fairly robust...." - except that I missed the obvious - Doh!!

When the drive is the only drive on an IDE channel, it should NOT be jumpered as either Master, or Slave, or CS.

The jumper should only be in place when another drive is present on the IDE channel.

Oh well, live and learn, eh?

Others should remember to check the labels on their drives, not just look at the print on the case or the PCB nect to the jumper headers - I know I will next time.

Now I'm going for another slice of humble pie...

  woodchip 20:09 11 Aug 2007

In Acronis create a boot Rescue CD you do not then need D:\ start with the Acronis Boot CD. If you have a Full Acronis CD it should do the same thing

But the first boot device will need to be the CD rom drive

  daba 20:57 11 Aug 2007

OK woodchip, are you saying that a rescue CD has ATI put on it, so you can do all this HDD manipulation from scratch?.

I have now completed the task of swapping the 4GB drive for the new 80GB one, I'll do a rescue CD anyway.

ATI successfully cloned the drive contents, and mbr onto the new drive, then prompted me to swap out the old for new, (it even reminded me about those blasted jumper settings...).

WOW : new drive speed has really wakened this PC up!. The old one (A Seagate Medallist 4321) has just applied for its bus-pass!


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