New HDD does not boot?

  Snrub 13:47 31 May 2010

I have cloned my old hard drive to a new hard drive using Acronis, checked in My Computer and Drive Manager successful copy, removed the old HDD and replaced with new HDD, checked jumper and bios showing new HDD as master. However, does not boot up, just get flashing cursor. Using XP os.
Any ideas how to sort plse?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:58 31 May 2010

Old hard drive type IDE?
New hard drive type SATA?

  woodchip 14:02 31 May 2010

As it as a Jumper it sounds like its a IDE drive, other than that as above if its SATA it may need drivers loading for it

  Snrub 15:36 31 May 2010

Both identical specs IDE

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:39 31 May 2010

Disconnect old drive set new as master on end of cable (check IDE cables are fully tight at both ends) see if it will boot on its own.

  Snrub 15:54 31 May 2010

Thanks Fruit Bat already tried this without sucess. Thinking its something to do with Acronis not sure if its worked properly.

  woodchip 18:57 31 May 2010

Re-Try loading Acronis Image, after booting with Acronis CD load it from the DOS screen

  Snrub 22:45 31 May 2010

I have re-cloned the new disk and I am assuming its an exact copy of my old HDD and all the files, os have been copied. However, I am not sure if this is sufficient or do I still need to copy all the files over using Disc Image?? Confused!

  Dark Mantis 23:47 31 May 2010

Have you partitioned/formatted the drive first and made active?

  Snrub 00:58 01 Jun 2010

Yes done this. Think I am getting somewhere. The old HDD is failing fast only rated 23% healthy and keeps crashing every half hour approx so think Acronis could not have cloned properly. Unless you have to clone and then run disk image as well, find it all a bit confusing but second time round will probably be a peace of cake.
Have created a full disk image transfer using Acronis which stalled 3 times with read errors, managed to proceed by ignoring errors and thankfully program ran to full 100% transfer without crashing, less 3 bad sectors. Don't know if its missing data in bad sectors causing crash on old HDD.
Hopefully, tomorrow will run new HDD as master and might work! Will advise. Otherwise it looks like installing XP from scratch on new HDD and having to find drivers, SP3, documents etc which will take forever!

  Dark Mantis 08:27 01 Jun 2010

This is why you should always keep a backup!

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