aidee 12:35 02 Jan 2013

Hi, I have a Laptop using Vista. The present HDD of the Computer is 91% full. I have bought a 500GB HDD. and what I want to know, is, when I click on MY Computer, I see my 'C' drive, 'D' drive and an empty 'box' - my 'G' or External HDD, can I just 'Drag and Drop' the 'C' drive into the new 'G' drive. Any help will be appreciated, AD

  lotvic 13:04 02 Jan 2013

No you can't do that. You cannot move your operating system and installed programs to an external hard drive, it has to remain on C:\ (or you will end up with a non booting pc and be in a right mess) In any case Windows will not allow you to move the Op Sys in that manner if you attempt it.

What you can do is copy your 'Documents' folder and contents to the ext hdd. (I suggest copy so that you can make sure they have copied ok before you delete anything from C:\

You have not said how big the D:\ drive is, I presume that contains your Factory Image for recovery? if so it should not be touched.

  wee eddie 13:38 02 Jan 2013

I would have a look at the content of your Drive and consider how often you use the various Items.

Many of us have some outdated Software that is never used - that can be deleted anyway.

There are usually files, Movies, Picture Albums and Work Archieves, that are rarely consulted or used. Those can be transferred to an External Hard Drive which will then be available, whenever you want them, by just plugging it in to the USB Port.

Once you have taken those off the Drive, you can run CCleaner and Defrag the Drive, but I would recomend that you do not do this until you have it's content below 75%.

  lotvic 14:50 02 Jan 2013

As per wee eddie, have a look at the contents of your C:\ drive Documents folder and decide what files you would rather have on your Ext hard drive.

You haven't said how big the C:\ and D:\ drive partitions are, it helps to know so can judge how manufacturer has divided it.

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