Thatslife 17:10 30 Mar 2006

How do I make the new HDD ready?

I've connected it, gone into CMOS and it's detected the settings but I'm not sure how to format and make ready. The Samsung website says to make a bootable floppy but don't have any of those!

Any suggestions?

  Press Man 17:14 30 Mar 2006

You should have got a set up disc with the drive which will "walk" you through the disc set up procedure.

  rawprawn 17:15 30 Mar 2006

Admin Tools/Computer Management/Disc management/Right click on the HD you have put in and select Format.

  Thatslife 17:19 30 Mar 2006

There's no disc Press Man.

Rawprawn - Can't find those directories?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:46 30 Mar 2006

Start - settings - control panel - Admin tools - Computer management - Disk management

  ed-0 17:49 30 Mar 2006

Has the computer an operating system on it or are you going to put it on this hard drive?

What operating system are you using or hope to use?

  Thatslife 17:54 30 Mar 2006

Thanks Fruit Bat - Format in progress.

ed-0 - No operating system on this HD - Just going to use it for backing up important stuff.

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