new hdd

  User-2A1A8EED-B1B2-454F-8F199443AE648272 22:48 26 Nov 2003

I've just fitted a extra hard drive 120gb,I've got bios to recongnise it and the device manager but I can't access it from My Computer or the desktop so I can't format it.What have idone wrong.

  Mr_Nice_Guy 22:50 26 Nov 2003

is it slave or master, and what other drives are on your system? did you run fdisk and partition then format?

  Simon_P 22:50 26 Nov 2003

And is it must be set as a slave drive if it is on the same data cable.

Had a chat with my bro in law,said same things,but Can't find fdisk or format on xp.Did find on an old helproom prob about same.After much searching in the help page linked to Disk Management,seems to be working,will click resolved if it works.Thanks for the help.Had to diconnect proceeser fan,duct,memory,ide cables and power lead,not much room in an Advent.New dvd/cdrw next,mrs want to hide my screwdriver.LOL

  Simon_P 23:26 26 Nov 2003

And never let the misses get hold of your screwdriver, its a sacred tool!!

Used the Disk managment tool in Xp,worked great now got an extra 120gb.pity these useful tools are hidden in xp,(like private charcter edit)they make life easier and xp is still stable as ever.MS has just got to sort out it's sercruity issues then it'll be a good system.

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