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  FRANKMAC 22:14 05 Aug 2003

i currently have 2 hdd (c & d/e), 1 floppy drive(a) and a cd writer (f) - the 2 hdd's are on IDE 1, the cd writer is on IDE 2, the floppy on IDE3 - i wish to add another hdd - would it be ok to add the 3rd hdd to IDE 2 with the cd drive ? which one would be primary /slave etc? and how would i maintain the cd drive as (f)and have the new drive as (g)(if this is possible) - i am running windows xp pro - the hdd i wish to install is a used drive, should i fdisk this drive or would reformatting suffice - any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks Mac

  Ironman556 22:29 05 Aug 2003

You should be able to slot the hdd in with the CD ROM. I'd set the CD-ROM to Master to give it the best transfer rate, and the HDD to slave.

I don't know if you'll be able to keep the drive letters as you want them. I think Windows labels HDD's before CD-ROM's, so will push all CD drives along one letter. You may be able to change the letters through the drive properties in XP, btu I'm not sure.

A reformat should do, unless you want to change from NTFS to FAT32, then you'll have to FDisk and format.

  FRANKMAC 22:32 05 Aug 2003

Many thanks ironman556

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