New HD- What security?

  hawthorn59 02:11 30 Jun 2004

Hi All.

A few months ago i installed a new HD, and received lots of help from here with various issues! Thanks! Anyway, the HD was faulty and they replaced it so Im back to square one!

However, it is now installed and running! So just 1 or 2 little things I would like your feedback on.

1 Occasionally, the mouse cursor jumps (disappears) to the side of the screen, and i have to drag it back on. This can even happen eg when playing solitaire. Any thoughts?

2 Also, occasionally, when moving the mouse I feel its not responding as it should; it appears to quiver and jerk a bit (the cursor that is).

3 SECURITY! I have nothing at the moment! :o I do have Norton SystemWorks 2002 on CD. Do ypu think I should install it, or instead use AVG (of which I hear and read great reports)? If I do use AVG is there an uninstall program I could download (Norton uses cleansweep)? Could I use AVG with Norton?

I presume I should reinstall Spybot and AD-Aware! What about an email filter for spam? Whats the best?

I also had HistoryKill on the old drive, and so have the installation file also. I think it is agreed this is a good programme?

Many thanks in advance for your comments and help!


  hugh-265156 02:39 30 Jun 2004

1. if its a ball mouse take out the ball and wash it, scrape the rollers with a pin etc to remove the gunk. if its an optical mouse and cordless change the batteries maybe.

2. as above. also check your control panel/mouse/motion settings or similar and adjust acceleration and speed here to your liking.

3. important thing is to install something and keep it up to date. i use AVG antivirus and zonealarm firewall (both free) and they do a great job with little messing about setting up so would recommend them. do not run any more than one av and one firewall at a time though. norton products are good also.

i would also re install adaware and spybot again, keep these up to date as well and also grab a copy of spywareblaster click here as this will stop any spyware even getting on to your system in the first place. spybot recommends you use this also.

for a great safe to use clean up tool click here use the default settings

  hugh-265156 02:42 30 Jun 2004

ps. i also use mailwasher and find it easy to use and its very good at its job after you train it up for a week or two.

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