new HD problem

  zebbydog 11:00 10 Apr 2004

I have put in a 4 gb hd and formatted it and in fdisk when i get to load win 98 it starts and then says not enough space.

Partition status showsC: 1 A PRI DOS 8mb Fat12usage %

2 EXT DOS 4110 mb usage 100%

How do i delete C:1 and use the No2 4110 mb

Hope this is clear enough for some ideas

  bremner 11:05 10 Apr 2004

I suggest you start again and Fdisk the drive again creating one primary partion with FAT32.

FAT12 is for floppy disks!

  Diemmess 11:14 10 Apr 2004

It is back to the beginning.

Boot from a floppy.......... Select Y for large disk support and at the FDISK menu look for the option that shows the current state.

Now delete the extended DOS partition, working your way back to the situation where no partition is defined.

Next make a Primary DOS partition and set it active. If you want more than one partition then slect what size you want for C: before OK-ing the Primary Partition.

At any time you can look at the option to show what you have, and you can back track if it seems wrong.

WQhen you have the partition/s you want, reboot and from the same setup floppy, FORMAT each partition in turn. Better luck this time.

  zebbydog 11:46 10 Apr 2004

When i try to make a primary Dos it says it already exists

  bremner 11:52 10 Apr 2004

You have to choose the option to delete the existing partition first

  zebbydog 11:56 10 Apr 2004

It says cannot del Primary dos partitionon drive 1 when an extended dos partition exists.

I have deleted all partions that will delete

  bremner 11:57 10 Apr 2004

Look at this click here

  zebbydog 12:33 10 Apr 2004

Tried your link but i do not get this option
Simply specify the drive letter that you want to delete and press [Enter]

IT will not let me delete it

  Kalb 12:42 10 Apr 2004

What is the origin of the HD ?.....are you sure that one or both of the partitions are not formatted for NTFS if so they will not be seen by FDISK

  zebbydog 12:46 10 Apr 2004

It might be ntfs i do not no it was given to me ian i cannot get in touch with the person.
Can i fit it in my pc running ntfs to format it first.

Got to go out now will try later

  bremner 12:55 10 Apr 2004

If you have a machine running XP then you could use disk management to remove the ntfs patition and then create a single FAT32 partition.

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