New HD install upgrade not working SAMSUNG SP2014N

  The LED Lighting Company 22:56 04 Nov 2005


I have a PC running Win XP home, using 2 hard drives.
1 is a Seagate ST34342A 4.3Gb drive which is partitioned into 2 X 2Gb drives. The first partition on this, Drive F had a clean install of Win98 installed and used to install the XP upgrade, whilst the second Drive D is now empty.

The second HD is a Deskstar 120GXP IC35L080AWA07-0 83Gb drive which is partitioned into 2 drives, Drive C had a clean install of XP home and Drive E contains data.

I am now running out of disk space and have bought a Samsung SP2014N 200Gb drive to replace the 4.3Gb drive.

I removed the 4.3 drive (slave) and installed the 200Gb (slave). The bios detects the correct drive, post boot screen also detects it as does Hardware Manager but the drive is not recognised in Win Explorer.

This is where I have a couple of questions.

How can I get this drive to work?

Why can’t I view/access the drive?
Do I need to format the drive first? if so, isn’t there a limit to the size that can be formatted or I am confused with something else.
Maybe it will cause a problem, I am not sure, but I do not have a floppy drive, so I would have to boot from HD or CD.
Would it cause problems because the original 98 install drive will be removed? are files used as part of the upgrade to XP?

Any help or advise would be much appreciated, please let me know if you need more information.



  ACOLYTE 22:59 04 Nov 2005

Win98 cant see HD over a certain size maybe thats the problem click here

  The LED Lighting Company 23:06 04 Nov 2005

I dont run with 98, it was just used to install the XP home upgrade. XP is the only OS I use.


  ACOLYTE 23:10 04 Nov 2005

"The first partition on this, Drive F had a clean install of Win98 installed and used to install the XP upgrade"

So if this is not the case, have you formatted the drive in computer managment in the XP os stytem.

  The LED Lighting Company 23:34 04 Nov 2005

Yes, Drive F had a clean install of Win98 installed and used to install the XP upgrade.

Both drives were formatted and partitioned, prior to the installs, this was about 2 years ago.
Everything was working fine.

I removed to 4.3Gb containing Drive F and D, dont know why the drive numbers were mixed up I just got used to it. Anyway after removing, I placed the new 200Gb drive in. This is where the problems start.

I cant see the drive in Explorer, but Bios, Post boot and Hardware Manager can see it.
How do I format it without a floppy drive?
Alternativley, could I run all 3 drives at the same time, I have a MSI KT3 Ultra II MB.


  ACOLYTE 00:02 05 Nov 2005

Sorry im lost you have had 2 OS on seperate drives and now removed the 98 drive you upgrade to xp and replaced it for another drive that doesnt have an OS,i think thats what you mean,the new drive would still need to be formated in computer managment for the OS to see it and for it to show in My computer.
Sorry its late and your first post lost me.

  The LED Lighting Company 00:10 05 Nov 2005

No Problem.

Yes 1 OS on each drive.
Yes, only used XP
Yes, new drive has no OS

Will try and find the format facility in computer management?

Thanks for advice.

  The LED Lighting Company 09:37 05 Nov 2005

I have searched for the Computer Management as described here click here;en-us;308423&sd=tech
but I cant find Performance and Maintenance anywhere, any suggestions?


  The LED Lighting Company 09:38 05 Nov 2005

Here is the broken link from above:
click here;en-us;308423&sd=tech

  The LED Lighting Company 09:40 05 Nov 2005

Why does the link appear like this???
Its pasted and checked and complete, but then gets split after posting

click here;en-us;308423&sd=tech

  LivEviL 11:24 05 Nov 2005

make sure ur new hard drive is set to slave in the links, then right click on my computer select manage select disk management then u should see ur drive sayin unformatted click on it and follow options

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