New HD how should I partition?

  conor268 12:36 28 May 2010

I have recently installed a new HD on my Toshiba Equium L350D laptop, 2GBram and a new 250GB hard drive. I have installed windows vista and applied all updates.
I want to know what is the best way to partition the drive, 250GB. I mainly use the laptop for internet, music and Office utilities.
Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  john bunyan 14:12 28 May 2010

I would have 100 Gig for programmes etc and the balance for Data that you generate (My Documents).I think Eusing do a free partition manager, but hope others will give you more details.

  Batch 14:22 28 May 2010

I use WinXP on my PCs and typically have the system partition (consisting of OS and programs)at around 10-12GB. With Vista you may need it to be larger, but I would have thought 100GB to be a tad excessive. Maybe 20-25GB unless you are intending to install an awful lot of software.

In putting OS and programs on the system partition you should really make sure that you identify all the key elements of your data that tend to get 'hidden' on the system partition by default (e.g. emails, address book, documents, favourites, office templates) and move these to the data partition using the appropriate techniques.

Keeping the system partition lean and distinct from the data partition means that you can restore either partition pretty much independently (from an image backup such as Acronis).

  conor268 14:40 28 May 2010

Thanks both for your input!
I understand now what I will do.

To Batch
Just a quick question about how I would make sure that 'hidden' files are put into the data partition? what would be the appropriate techniques?
Thanks again.

  Batch 16:55 28 May 2010

See this thread: click here

Note that this old thread relates to WinXP (with Outlook Express and Microsoft Office) and I can't comment on how pertinent it is to Vista.

  john bunyan 19:38 28 May 2010

I was thinking of W7, and quite a few programmes. Also the Restore points take up quite a lot of space. I found 80 gig a bit tight on W7 64 bit with Photoshop CS4 etc etc. Maybe a compromise at about 80, but it is difficult to alter after it is done.

  Batch 22:59 28 May 2010

I guess one thing that needs to be allowed for with both W7 and Vista is quite sizeable page file and hibernate file in proportion to the humungous amounts of memory these OSs seems to need. By way of contrast, my XP systems are 1GB of memory (or less) and I rarely fill all of that anyhow.

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