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  [DELETED] 08:30 18 Nov 2003


I'm planning on fitting a new motherboard to my existing system. The question is whether I need to reinstall XP or not. Being basically lazy I'd rather not, but I don't want to end up with a buggy system. Can XP cope with this change and still perform?

Thoughts please from anyone who's done this before.


  [DELETED] 08:39 18 Nov 2003

but you will still need to reactivate XP via M/Soft. Mine wouldn`t activare on line, though the phone call was painless.

  [DELETED] 08:39 18 Nov 2003

Being in somewhat of a hurry I tried it that way once, had to reformat and load XP again after a couple of days. It does work, to a point, but keeps all the old m/b drivers and is sloooow. You could get conflicts between the old and new drivers. Bite the bullet and reload XP


  [DELETED] 11:29 18 Nov 2003

There is a quick and dirty way - not always 100% - but worth a go. Before you replace the motherboard delete the inf folder in the Windows directory.

  [DELETED] 13:31 18 Nov 2003

Thanks guys.

Giant, I think you have it right. It seems to fit with what I'm being told by people I know. It is just such a PAIN to install XP & then go through all my progs to get them running again.

LOL. Oh well, know what I'm doing over the next month!


  Stuartli 14:56 18 Nov 2003

I recently acquired a Mesh system for an elderly friend - the activation process didn't involve any phone calls, merely doing it on the system itself.

  Legolas 15:57 18 Nov 2003

You could try doing a repair of XP rather than a format and reinstall, also I would boot into XP and back up your system before doing a format if that is what you decide to do.

It would be worth booting into XP if you can and running it and if you get no problems then fine, if you start to get trouble you can then do the clean install.

  [DELETED] 16:06 18 Nov 2003

Well I disagree with everyone......tripper before stripping ya data follow these simple steps and trust me it works .....I change mobos running with xp all the time.
Go to device manager and uninstall every darn driver there is to uninstall.

Do not restart system at any stage!

Now hopefully u have norton ghost and u know how to create an image of your drive.I simply ghost the image of the drive with all the drivers uninstalled so u can then copy the image back and restart....obviously have your new system board disc handy and away u go!!!

  [DELETED] 16:11 18 Nov 2003

9 out of 10 times u can simply shutdown after uninstalling all the drivers and just re-connect your new drive ......the screen might go blank for about 10 minutes but dont worry just let it do its thing.

I ghost the drive so I dont lose important data if the drive becomes corrupted performing the above task. this happens very rarely.

hope this helps and its a lot less painful than installing everything!!!!!!!!

  [DELETED] 16:13 18 Nov 2003

ps..sorry reconnect old drive not new drive

  [DELETED] 16:38 18 Nov 2003

Well pcgal,

I'll have a piece of that! (Yep, got ghost)

It makes sense to me. The thought of reinstalling all my progs doesn't bear thinking about!

LOL If you haven't heard from me by the weekend then you know who was right!

I really appreciate everyone's input. Thanks.


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