new harddrive not showing on computor screen

  aine 14:31 11 Dec 2008

Afternoon all. I have just fitted a second harddrive. The drive is listed under device mngr, it shows as there in the PC setup F2,but not shown in the boot sequence list.Belarc lists it. Going from the start button, pressing computor it is not listed. The drives on my PC are SATA, the mobo is designed for sata. Could you tech chaps, please help me sort this out?. I have a thread running asking further questions about this subject. That question is when this drive is functioning and cloned from the original drive, how do I make this my "C" drive, using the other as backup. I will close the other thread so not to have threads running about the same subject Regards Aine

  crosstrainer 15:04 11 Dec 2008

In order to use your new drive, it needs to be partitioned and formatted.

Go to control panel

Administrative tools

Locate the storage entry

You should see your drive there.

Format (ntfs is best)

And off you go.

  aine 15:53 11 Dec 2008

Thanks cross trainer.I have started the process off, I chose simple volume? should I have selected dynamic disk? The pc has allocated the drive "E" but as yet it does not show on computor page. regards Aine

  aine 16:32 11 Dec 2008

Further to my last post, the disk now shows on the computor page. Looking at the "C" drive there is 35GB unallocated there? Is this correct? should this also be a simple volume? Aine

  aine 18:04 11 Dec 2008

To continue the saga! I have now located the drive, it reads in all areas.To make this the boot-able drive, do I put it first in the boot sequence? and can I just change the drive letter from E to C? ps I have cloned the drive from C using Acronis and confirmed the cloning. There just remains the question of C drive unallocated space?

  crosstrainer 05:34 12 Dec 2008

It's not that easy! Your operating system will be installed on your present C drive.

Why do you want to change it? If it's lack of space, you can use your new drive to install new software.

If you do want to re-install Windows to the new drive, then post back REMEMBER All your software will need re-installation as well.

Backup all personal stuff to a DVD also.

Simple (NTFS) is fine

  aine 11:14 12 Dec 2008

thanks for your reply Crosstrainer. The OS is on the drive"E", there is no special reason to change it, I just thought it would be better to use the bigger drive as the main one. If it is a problem,I will leave it as it is. The final question is concerning the unallocated space on drive "C", if I made it a simple volume would it be absorbed into the main healthy space and would it be usable?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:46 12 Dec 2008

if I made it a simple volume would it be absorbed into the main healthy space and would it be usable?

No will not be absorbed but you can format and make another partition.

Before you do, are you sure this is not a hidden partition as part of your computers restore capabilities?

  aine 19:24 12 Dec 2008

Sorry about the late reply Fruitbat.My partition is listed as 10.07GB Healthy (primary partition). Is there anyway it can be absorbed into the c drive to make it usable, not as a partition? Regards Aine

  aine 19:26 12 Dec 2008

Read that as the unallocated space not the partition

  aine 19:47 12 Dec 2008

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]
This is the C drive mentioned, had trouble getting into imageshack Aine

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