New Harddrive Installation Problems

  2003Andy2003 21:19 20 Oct 2003

Help please anyone,

Basically i've just installed a New Hard drive on a Packard Bell PC. After having run FDISK and also Formatted the Drive i've now come to Install Windows 98 AND BASICALLY AT THE c: prompt i've typed in d:\setup and all i get is Invalid Drive Specification.

Any ideas anyone how i can get Windows 98 Installed on this new disk as i cannot seem to do it. Any help would be much appreciated thanks.



  mark e 21:24 20 Oct 2003

Have you got a startup disk. if yes put it in the A drive and choose CD support

Then type d:\setup and you should be on your way

  Joe McG 21:24 20 Oct 2003


Try just typing in setup at the C: prompt

  mark e 21:25 20 Oct 2003

Sould have said re-boot with disk in drive then choose cd support

  graham√ 21:31 20 Oct 2003

Download a bootdisk from click here to the desktop. If it is zipped, unzip it, and send to floppy.

Boot the system with the floppy in the drive. At the C:\ prompt, type R: . At the R:\ prompt, type setup with the CD in the CD-ROM drive.

  2003Andy2003 21:49 20 Oct 2003

Basically i have now re-booted using the Start-Up Disk i have and chosen CD Support. It then goes through and comes up with Preparing to Start Computer. This may take a few minutes, Please Wait.

It then says Diagnostic Tools were successfully loaded to Drive D and after that had an a:\ prompt.

I then put c: to change to the c: prompt and typed in d:\setup again and this time all it says is Bad Comman or File Name.

Any further help chaps ?

  mark e 21:53 20 Oct 2003

after it finished loading it should tell you what letter it assigned to the CD drive use that letter

  chuds 21:57 20 Oct 2003

MS boot disk creates a "virtual drive" noramlly one letter on from your last hard drive, in your case d.

CD rom is normally one letter after the virtual drive, yours should now be E.

At a:> prompt try changing to e:\ and do a dir command.

  graham√ 21:57 20 Oct 2003

I appreciate you have your own boot disk, but I've had the same problems. The bootdisk downloaded one has always worked where my own didn't.

  2003Andy2003 22:14 20 Oct 2003

Thanks everyone for their Help, turned out the Drive was Drive F.

Now Instaling Windows at last.

Thanks again Everyone


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