new hard ware message

  pauliney 14:41 18 May 2005

Dont know where this came from , but on every start i am being asked to
>install new hard ware and this is the name of it any ideas?ATWPKT32

  Diemmess 16:48 18 May 2005

Nothing responds with Google, so just a guess...........Have you installed a re-writable (packet type) CDRW or similar device?

If so, there is an incomplete driver or installation somewhere.

  pauliney 09:02 19 May 2005

thanks for response
no not for a time going to try letting it run to see what site it goes to it if that makes sense
long as it's not one off them dear phone lines

  Diemmess 09:50 19 May 2005

I would (if it was my problem) try and delete the file first, using Safe Mode if you have to.

Even that will be no guarantee of peace everafter, but may perhaps show the origin if it leads to other error messages or non-functioning hardware. I assume there is nothing flagged in Device Manager?

  pauliney 10:42 19 May 2005

thanks for response
can not find file
what do you mean about flagged where device manager
as u can see only novice never be anything else sometime to confusing . ask questions and you on this site normally help and are a great help
we will take one small step at a time

  Diemmess 11:22 19 May 2005

Any file with .exe at the end is meant to do something. OK fine if it does what you want it to do,(run a program or use a device) but malware, spyware and viruses sooner or late will act on their own "execute" file too!

So what we are trying to do here is to be rid of a constant demand to run ATWPKT whatever that does!

If it is malicious then the sooner it is deleted the better. If it is a goody that has somehow got out of order, deleteing it will possibly stop something working like my guess at a rewriting device, but you should be able to re-install anything that goes on strike.

The jargon I used about flagging a doubtful device in Device Manager can be explained this way........Go to Control Panel and look for System, Open System, and click on the Devices and Hardware tab. This will show a list of all sorts from Hard and Floppy disks and CD drives.

When a device is not working properly you will see a yellow triangle with a black exclamation mark in it. What you do about it is another story.

Finally, you haven't said whether you run an AV program, and perhaps anti spyware too.

  pauliney 11:45 19 May 2005

thanks again
it's there in System, yellow triangle with a black exclamation mark in it. What you do about
shall I disable it helppppppppp

  pauliney 12:02 19 May 2005

forgot to answer all your question
I am on xp2
and it is a laptop
no doubt i will be back only way to learn but with me will take long time lol

  Diemmess 13:36 19 May 2005

The interesting bit................ Which device has the yellow "flag"?

If, said he pressing on with the example,it involves a CD device, then Right click on it and choose uninstall.

This will remove the CDROM from the system, but next time you boot up, XP should put it all back and correctly this time!

Caution: If it is another device, come back on this post for everyone to chip in and add perhaps wiser words than mine.

  pauliney 14:25 19 May 2005

time will tell if all is ok
thanks for all your help Diemmess

  Diemmess 14:49 19 May 2005

Looking forward to the [good] news in due course.

Always "Questions" .......... Was it a cdrom that had the triangle, and did XP reinstall it for you after rebooting?

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