New Hard Drive- Windows ME wont see it

  duplo 16:46 19 Aug 2003

I have put a new hard drive in my dad's PC, running as the slave to the main Hard Drive.

The bios detects the drive and windows does in device manager, but not in "my computer".

I have never put a new hard drive in with windows ME so I dont know if there is way within windows to set it up, or if I need to boot into Dos and format from there. If that is the case, do I need fdisk or not? To format do I just type format c: ? I never can remmember!


  TBH1 16:57 19 Aug 2003

don't format C - - - -thats your good drive

  duplo 16:59 19 Aug 2003

Sorry... yes... i ment format D: !! My dad would have thrown a fit!

  TBH1 17:01 19 Aug 2003

you need to fdisk it - -maybe format too, but certainly fdisk. Make bootable floppy, boot to it then fdisk - - you will get options , one of which is one to change disk drives - - - - now, this is VERY important, make sure you change to disk 2 ( your new one) - then follow the instructions from the menu. I can't say this loud enough - - - make sure your not fdisking your c drive - - -OK to have a look but thats all.
I presume you have checked jumper settings on this new drive - - believe BIOS wouldn't see it if you hadn't - - -could be wrong.

  TBH1 17:06 19 Aug 2003

do a search on this foorum - -there are a lot of threads re fdisking here - - - -if search thingy is working. Will have a look myself when I get home if you ain't anyway forward.

  TBH1 17:12 19 Aug 2003

some good ones here - - -
click here

  TBH1 17:15 19 Aug 2003

woops - - that ain't working - - -just do a search on fdisk on this forum - -more than 100, and some very close to yours

  Blitzer 20:25 19 Aug 2003

I've just fitted a couple of new drives to my other system, albeit running Windows XP. as TBH1 said the first thing you need to do is use Fdisk to partition the new drive. This will take you one step further and you would now see an icon for the new drive in My Computer. Before you can use the drive you will also have to format it though.

Incidentally, I'd used Norton Ghost to create an image of the original HD before installing the second of the new HD's that was to be my new C drive. Once all the hardware was installed I was able to use Ghost to recover the image back to the new drive. The original drive was 20Gigs and the new one 60Gigs, but I am happy to report this did not pose any kind of problem and better still there was no need to partition or format the new HD - using Ghost took care of this as well! :)

Sorry - went off on a tangent there, just thought it may prove useful information for someone though. :)

  duplo 09:50 20 Aug 2003

All working now... using Fdisk... easy done, would not have thought twice on my machine but my dad has work on his!

Would have informed of my success yesterday but my dad started playing with his free space as I am putting Y2K or XP on while he is on holiday... just waiting for him to decide which one he wants!

Cheers as usuall!

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