New hard drive question

  SimpleStevie 13:16 01 Jan 2003
  SimpleStevie 13:16 01 Jan 2003

I'm thinking of getting a new hard drive, i currently have a 45gb 5,400rpm and want a bigger one. I was just wondering what kind of a difference in performance there was between 5,400 and 7,200rpm and if it was worth getting the faster for better loading times etc? Is it also possible to set my new hard drive as slave, copy the entire contents from the old to the new, remove the old, set the new as master, and then switch on and would all the stuff from my old hard drive be exactly the same on the new one, such as network and broadband settings and all my old software ect? I probably didnt explain that very well but hopefully you get my drift.

  pj123 13:41 01 Jan 2003

Yes, you can do that assuming your motherboard will accept a 7200rpm drive.

Put the new drive in as a slave, then boot up to windows and go to START, RUN and type in xcopy c:\*.* /e/h/k/r/c d:

Watch it go and when finished take to old one out and make the new one master and boot up as normal.


  woodchip 13:59 01 Jan 2003

And hear is a good drive click here
But I would use Drive Image to copy

  woodchip 14:01 01 Jan 2003

And hear is a good drive click here
But I would use Drive Image to copy

  DieSse 16:00 01 Jan 2003

7200 drives are usually noticeably faster than 5400 drives. However whether you get a UDMA100 or UDMA133 will hardly notice in practice.

  AdeJ 16:39 01 Jan 2003

When I upgraded from a 5400 to a 7200 it was probably the most significant upgrade I made in terms of speed performance (already had tons of memory) There are usually plenty of lab reviews comparing hard drives and I favour the IBM Deskstar which comes out top in most (although a search of posts on here will show that they have had problems with previous models)

  hellred 17:57 01 Jan 2003

Stop messing around with single drives. Instal a Raid card and get onother drive to match your old one and you have doubled your capacity and gain a 40% improved read write speed !!!!

That's the way.....

  BRYNIT 18:24 01 Jan 2003

You may find having a 5400 and a 7200 hard drive they may both run at the slower speed

  DieSse 11:49 02 Jan 2003

Not possible - It's the speed the motors run at - it doesn't change.

  siarad 12:05 02 Jan 2003

Drive synchronistation was used for multiple drive systems to prevent beat frequencies which were both annoying & possibly destructive as with aircraft engines which could drive you nuts & shake it apart. However it took a specific connexion which I don't think is available now & certainly not automatic. Do as pj123 says or if you don't have xcopy download free xxcopy click here & in Windows Dos box type xxcopy C:\ D:\ /clone sit back & watch your favourite TV program & let the program take the strain.

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