New hard drive problem

  JoeC 19:27 15 Dec 2004

Pentium 4 2 Ghz 512 MB RDRAM Windows XP Home with SP1

I recently replaced my hard drive ( 80 GB ) for larger ( 120 GB ) because of faults.

New larger drive is in, formatted etc and I have reloaded my backup. This is where the problem started I think.

The backup from the 80 GB drive was installed on the 120 GB drive.

Methinks I have not done something I should have as the disc is showing as 16.40 GB if I go Start > My Computer and hover the cursor over the C drive.

It shows the same if I am in Disc Management - well at least it does in the top pane where it has Volume,Layout, Type etc etc.

In the graphic scale below that though, the disc is shown as 115 GB NTFS Healthy ( System ).

The only thing I can think of is that the whole disc size - as shown in the graphic scale below - is showing with a blue line along the top, denoting primary partition.

Should the whole drive be showing as primary ?

Is it possible to get the correct size of drive to show ?

Since it is the first time I have replaced a hard drive I know it is all down to pilot error but any help would be appreciated.

  Alex-188000 19:33 15 Dec 2004

Does it recognise it as 120GB drive in bios?

  Totally-braindead 19:41 15 Dec 2004

I would go to the hard drive manufacturers website and download their disk software, most if not all hard drive manufacturers let you download software which will automatically format, delete or partition new hard drives to your hearts content, easiest way to do it, disadvantage of this of course is you'll have to reinstall windows your motherboard drivers etc. One thing to mention about this though is the software from these sites will only work on their own make of hard drive ie if you download the Maxtor one and you have a Seagate drive it won't do anything, you need the program for your own hard drive manufacturer.

  JoeC 19:41 15 Dec 2004

shown as 122 GB in the BiOs. Thanks for your interest.

  Alex-188000 19:42 15 Dec 2004

then TB had a point but that only is mostly applicable when your computer is old and by the looks of it yours isnt.

  Alex-188000 19:44 15 Dec 2004

your jumpers set correctly?

  JoeC 19:45 15 Dec 2004

Drive came with software ( Maxblast 3 ) and manual. The manual said to install it by going into BiOs and making sure that "Auto" was set for the primary drive. That was done, drive formatted and went in okay. It is the drive I am using now - it is just that I have two conflicting sizes being given.

I even uninstalled the drive and rebooted, letting XP find it again, hoping that might cure it but it didn't.

Thanks anyway.

My suspicion lies in the whole drive being primary - from distant memory is part of the drive not extended or something ?

  JoeC 19:46 15 Dec 2004

Jumpers are set to Cable Select.

  Alex-188000 19:49 15 Dec 2004

what does device manager say about your drive?

  JoeC 19:54 15 Dec 2004

117240 MB and having 0 Mb unallocated space

  Jeffers22 19:57 15 Dec 2004

If you have a single partition, it will (indeed must) be all primary. If you have more than one partition, you should set subsequent partitions to logical inside an extended partition unless you intend to multi boot in which case each partition which is going to house an OS needs to be primary and bootable.

Max blast will work with any make of hard drive AS LONG AS one drive is a Maxtor.

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